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What are 20 ways Reagan, Bush sr, and Bush Jr. have shrunk the size of government?

Reagan, Bush and Bush have been presidents for 20 years, what are 20 ways they've shrunk the size of government?

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  • booM
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    8 years ago
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    The national debt increased under all three and deficit spending increased considerably under Reagan and Bush, Jr. I'm not sure about deficit spending under Bush, Sr. As far as shrinking the size of government other than fiscally, you might find some information in terms of government regulation, but I'm not sure which source would be best-maybe do a search under history of government regulation; there would be business and environmental legislation. I found this link:


    ...but I don;t know how biased (or not) it might be, it was just the first one I clicked on and I only glanced at it before coming back to finish my answer. I think if your point is to say that conservative/Republican administrations have grown government more than they shrank it-good point-and most people are or should be made aware of that. Even most of the current crop of conservative candidates-despite what they are saying about curbing the federal government-went after federal funds whenever the opportunity presented itself, and no one but the a) idealogues or b) woefully ignorant are unaware of that.

    Rick Perry sought more than 1.2 billion in federal funds for Medicaid and education funding as governor of Texas and won earmarks for stuff like dredging a shipping canal, etc, Mitt Romney was somewhere north of $1.5 billion for various pet projects, both federal and state; Huntsman lobbied for a larger stimulus package, including $14 billion for Utah, and Bachman politicked for Minnesota interests for road projects, energy efficient busses in St. Cloud, direct purchase of pork and dairy products by the Ag Department to stabilize prices, and $150 million for a light rail project.

    Now, however, cutting spending is resonating better with the voters-we just disagree on how to stimulate the economy and getting the deficit under control, so the same people-and I mean EXACTLY the same people-who were trying to get all the federal money they could for their own constituents just a few months or years ago are now pointing their fingers at the 'big spenders' they now oppose.

    It is politically expedient, and not at all unlike what went on during the 20 years you reference. When one party is in control of the White House (and/or) Congress, the party that is trying to wrest power from them will do whatever they can to blame the other for whatever problems will confront us, regardless of the reality of their own past behavior. It's true of both major parties, neither is wearing a white hat.

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    Both Reagan and Bush Jr. increased the size of government. I'm not sure about Bush Sr.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    They....um no that's not it.

    Not wait, they ... nope that expanded spending.

    I've got it, Regan removed the solar panel from the white house!

  • 8 years ago

    They haven't.

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