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NOEL - pronunciation in English?

I know how to pronounce Noel in French, I know it is pronounced NO - L (noh - el) , but I am not sure when it comes to English pronunciation. For example, I heard that Mary Travers (from the folk group Peter, Paul and Mary) used to talk about Noel Paul Stookey, pronouncing "Noel" same as "Paul" . But, in the song "Christmas Dinner" by Noel Paul Stookey he sings in a concert NO - L ? So, maybe both pronunciations exist? And maybe I'm wrong? Please tell me how do you pronounce it and where are you from and if you have source like a good dictionary or something like that, please say it.

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    Strictly speaking, it's all down to spelling and meaning. Noel can mean the christmas period and it can be a boy's name.

    In English, noel (meaning Christmas) should have a diaeresis (those two little dots that the French call a trema and the Germans call an umlaut) over the o... so it should be spelt nöel. That accent means that you don't run the two vowels together so the word is - is as you know - pronounced with two distinct vowels and as two distinct syllables... NOH-ELL. Although the word isn't written much with a diaeresis these days, that doesn't affect how it should be pronounced.

    Noel as a boy's name is different. It doesn't have a diaeresis above the o, so the vowels are run together and it's a single syllable word. Most people in the UK would pronounce the boy's name Noel to rhyme with "goal".

    As a side note, the feminine version of the name, spelt Noelle, is pronounced exactly like Nöel, the word for Christmas.

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    Try This, it can sort out this and future pronuncation problems; it's excellent


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