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spiritually What is the difference between "Faith" & "Blind Faith"?

how to distinguish between the two

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    It's just a matter of degree, actually.

    Faith, in itself, is quite "Blind" because it's "Believing" in something that cannot be established as a fact.

    If something is a fact, it doesn't need belief.


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    The difference is that somebody with blind faith is willing to contradict actual evidence. In other words, if I have faith in somebody telling me that a speeding truck cannot hurt me, and I run out into the middle of a highway in front of an 18 wheeler despite the obvious fact that trucks have killed people in the past, then that would be an example of blind faith. A rational and healthy form of common faith is best expressed in the Wright brothers example in the previous section.

    So in conclusion, when you believe strongly in something that hasn't been physically proven, but nobody has disproven either it isn't so absurd to have a little faith in an extreme claim(after all we exsist in an extreme universe). But, to continue to insist an idea or hypothosis in the face mounting FACTS... That is delusion NOT faith.

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    There is a difference. I have faith that the sun will rise tomorrow morning. I have seen it before, and I understand how the Earth rotating works to make the sun come up in the morning. Blind faith is to believe in something with no evidence or understanding. Like having faith that big foot is blue, would be blind faith.

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    Faith is based on facts. Example: We know for a fact a chair is made for sitting. We put blind faith in the chair that it can also be used for standing on. Fact a ladder is used for standing on. Why are you putting blind faith in a chair to stand on when real faith should be put on a ladder that was made for standing on. If you can not see the logic of what faith and blind faith really no one can help you but yourself.

    Here is another example of faith and blind faith. You go to a store to by some electronics. You make the purchase and also because you bought electronics you buy batteries. Why would you buy batteries? If you use blind faith you would not buy batteries cause you put faith blindly into a belief that the electronics will come with batteries. How many times have people done this and referred to it as was not thinking? How can you buy electronics with out knowing it needs batteries? The argument could be sometimes they do come with batteries. Again that was blind faith. If you read the packaging most will say batteries not included. I put faith in the fact due to high costs of production today to save money they will not put batteries in with the product. Therefore based on this I buy batteries. If the product comes with batteries I still win. I always need batteries. I always need batteries cause I know that batteries have a lifespan. Because they have a lifespan I put faith in buying batteries when I buy electronics.

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    Faith suggests firm belief that is sensitve to everything in the world. The intellect will not be paralysed.It does not hinder the natural order of life. It does not hurt others or manipulate. It does not demand anything. It springs from knowledge and wisdom.

    Blind faith degrades oneself and everything around that person who has it. Blind faith is blind towards truth. Blind faith is afraid, manipulative and insensitive to others. Blind faith spings from ignorance.

    Thats probably the difference.

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    When I have faith that something will happen, I "know" that it will happen. In other words, I have faith that the sun will rise in an hour or so.

    when I have blind faith that something will happen, I am hoping that something will happen. In other words, some christians hope that there will be a rapture and behave as if it is true.

    Put in simpler terms. Faith is what a well-reasoned mind uses as a guide for living. Blind faith is what a delusional person uses as a guide for living.

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    For the blind faith Christians who have jumped onto this thread, I suggest you guys google a few facts about Indians who blindly following Rai Baba.

    You don't know who Rai Baba is? RUFK Me? Well, he's a guy who has made very similar claims to magical powers that a handful of people also attributed to Jesus long ago. The huge Jesus religion sprung up from these vague claims exactly as the Rai Baba religion. That is, people WANT to believe Rai Baba can perform magic tricks, just like you blindly claim Jesus can. Rai Baba claims he is God, therefore that proves he actually IS God, right? Sorry to burst your bubble but, that is the same "logic" that Christians use when they come to my door to "convert" me when actually all they do is convince me that they are delusional kooks.

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    Faith may have evidence; for example, I have faith that if I drop a bowling ball it will fall because I've seen it happen many times in the past. Blind faith has no evidence to support it.

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    Faith comes from the knowledge within that whatever is happening is God's will and for our own good, even though things are not happening according to our wish, we believe in our heart that God has better plans for us. That not a blade of grass moves without His consent. That is Faith.

    Blind faith comes from knowledge without. You see majority people following a person or an ideology and you start following without thinking, because everybody is doing it. That is Blind Faith.

    A person is not disturbed even though things do not go his/her way, is in faith.

    A person is disturbed when things do not go his/her way when follows others without thinking is blind in faith.

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    I think,

    believing and bowing down to Geeta or Ramayana or a living enlightened master

    while following and practicing his teachings is the " faith "

    and believing or bowing down to the statue of Krishna or Rama or some other god or goddess

    without knowing, following and practicing his teachings,

    just because others are doing so is the " blind faith ".

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    Faith : Confidence, trust.

    Blind faith : When people rely a little too much on someone/something ignorantly.

    You can have faith that your daughter will do well at her swim meet. You can't have blind faith that she'll do well at her swim meet, unless she honestly sucks but you think she's better than Michael Phelps.

    Get it? :)

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