NAPL mixture rachloroethene (PCE) and fuel containing BTEX?

Consider an NAPL mixture of tetrachloroethene (PCE) and fuel containing BTEX (benzene , touene, ethylbenzene,and xylene) with the following mole fractions : PCE 0.10 , B=).15 , T=0.15 , E=0.08 ,and X=0.10 . the vapor pressures in atmosphere at 25 c of the pure compounds are PCE 0.0251 B=0.126, T=0.0380 , E=0.0126 , and X=0.0117 , and Henry’s constant kh ( in atm- L/mol at 25 C for PCE is 26.9.

a)Assuming raoult’s and Henry’s law apply , estimate the aqueous concentration of PCE in water that is in equilibrium with this NAPL mixture

b)Estimate the reduction in aqueous PCE concentration (solubility) due to the presence of BTEX.

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    natural biodegradation of MTBE in ground water with an anaerobic process, which ... isotope ratio for carbon in residual MTBE in water produced from a monitoring well, ... Concentrations and carbon isotope ratios of PCE in two transects .... hydrocarbons, and fuel oxygenates, at concentrations in water that are

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