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any good shooter mmorpgs?

i want a good mmorpg games like a shooter mmorpg like a fps or 3rd person shooter thats my favorite plz give me sum answers thx

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    Maybe these shooter games are fit for you

    DDTank (YooGames)

    DDTank is a turn-based PvP shooter that combines a selection of hilarious weapons with a wealth of social features. DDTank has the same gameplay mechanics as the classic Worms, such as taking into account angles, elevation, wind velocity as well as other factors, but adds RPG and social elements. There is a wide variety of weapons to use, item buffs to acquire, and other equipment to earn.

    Tanki Online

    Tanki Online — Massively Multiplayer Online Action Game based on Adobe Flash technology. Players fight each other online, earning money and advancing their careers. There are many armors, weapons and bonuses available. Players create deathmatch or team battles, and communicate with each other to achieve their goals.


    DDTank is a cute MMO browser game with no need to download. With simple keyboard operations, you can interact with or fight against your friends, and experience more fun during the fight. A great number of costumes in shops enables you to customize your character with various cool outfits. DDTank features hilarious tank fight and various weapon effects which will be greatly reinforced with power-ups. The perfect combination of nice graphics, relaxing music and funny sound effects make the game more cute and lovely.

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    If you want a list of free shooter MMORPGs with screenshots, information on customization, usability, price, crafting, grinding toughness, and PvP system along with a short list of unique features you can compare action MMORPGs here:

    Everyone has a different opinion. Look at what is available to you with our mini-reviews and you'll be able to find the right game in no time

    Some shooter mmos listed so you dont have to look

    Operation 7

    Combat Arms


    Alliance Of Valiant Arms (commonly known as AVA)

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