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Are there any living descendents of Nostradomos?

I know that from his second marriage came 6 children. Did any of them survive long enough to have families? Are there any descendents alive now?

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    None of his 3 sons had children, so no one bearing the surname Nostradamus or the version of the surname in French, Notredame, would be a direct descendant.

    There could be direct descendents though one or more of his daughters, but I don't find any factual information online about any of their descendents into present day.


    Title: Nostradamus and his prophecies

    Authors: Nostradamus; Edgar Leoni

    Publisher: Mineola, N.Y. : Dover Publications, 2000, pages 38-39

    See page 39 of full text in the link given above for the names of his daughters and the names of their husbands.

    I suspect if the genealogy/family tree could be traced to present-day living direct descendents, someone would have conducted that research and published it by now. Not finding any info talking about such a genealogy makes me think there is no direct living descendant now.

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    As I understand it, his wife and/or child died in the plague. You would have to get the names of family members: French genealogy. His name would have been Michel de Nostradame or as he came to be know: Nostradamus. You would have to do some digging in genealogies to find out.

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    Maybe the sleeping prophet "Cayce" and or "Madonna". Nostradamus means Madonna.

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    Good question.

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