Good holiday destinations for teenagers (europe)?

Me and a couple of lads are planning a holiday next summer, so at the moment we're considering locations. A couple of places that we have looked at are:




Ayia Napa

From reading these, its obvious what vibe we are after, good nightlife and lively throughout the day. Some other things to consider are that we will all be 17, so somewhere where they arent too fussy about ID.

I would love to hear you suggestions of alterative places to go to, past experiences or if you reccomend the places which i previously mentioned

Thanks alot for any replies!


Also, I would appreciate any replies on the sort of price we'd be looking at for approx 10days for flight accomodation and spending money

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    8 years ago
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    tenerife would get my vote, its the hottest of all those destinations (maybe except ayia napa) and probably cheapest. if you get bored of drinking and hangovers , take a trip inland for some excellent sites it is a beautiful island when you step away from the coast resorts. you shoulg get a package holiday all inclusive for £300 for 10 days , teletext usually have best offers, or you could be brave and book last minute where youll usually be able to pick up a bargain. for spending money, just take as much per day as you would for a night out back home, plus an extra 20 quid per day in reserve

  • 3 years ago

    Spain or the Greek Islands. relies upon what form of youngsters you're and what you're finding for. If it is golf equipment- then Majorca and Ibiza are a solid guess - and Malia in Crete.

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