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How come PG's like Deron Williams and Chris Paul are so underrated?

Why is D-Will and CP3 routinely ranked low in the top 10 or (in D-Will's case) not in the top 10 at all? I think CP3 is close to top 5 or higher and Deron is definitely top 10.

People do understand they score 20-25 a game, run the offense and set other guys up for the same amount of points? That they were leaders for perennial playoff contenders in the West, without stacked rosters?

Why do people think guys who mostly score (Carmelo, Amare, Durant) are better than guys who have multiple responsibilites?

And why would anyone think a player as inefficient and statistically inflated as Derrick Rose is better than these 2?


@JohnSmith - lol, thanx for the laugh man. Funny vid.

@ Raichu - I understand your point, but I see a lot of top 10 list with Chris Paul near the bottom, with Amare, Carmelo and Durant above him. Deron isn't even on half of the top 10's I see.

Update 2:

@ Optimus Prime - I believe you said "because they don't play for big teams" twice and how the hell is Rondo better when he can't score? Are you the only person on the planet who can't see that both of these guys are better than Rondo? I would break it down for you, but damn, if you can't see that on your own then whats the point.

And Rose is still the same player he was last season, he just has the ball in his hands A LOT more. More than anyone else in the league. He struggled big time the entire playoffs.

Neither of these guys are better than D-Will or CP3.

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    Mostly because they play for franchises that don't get much attention. If they played in NY, L.A., or Chicago, they would get tons of attention.

    Off-topic --- These guys laughing is hilarious! ---> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0eINGyJHz8

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    I agree with the Dirk Night. Also, while they are good in each stat category, they usually won't blowing away people with those numbers. There will always be players like Nash and Rondo who will excel in the assist dept, players like Durant, Melo, Rose, you name it will always lead in scoring and players like Howard and Love (not saying a PG would lead the league in Rebounds, but you get my point.) Also, Deron Williams has consistenly lead the Jazz FURTHER than the Nuggets in the Playoffs and the Nuggets had more than one option. I do think Paul is good, but Williams has more experience in the playoffs. That is also a reason why i would hate see players like Williams and Paul join bandwagon teams and have their stats drop so then they wouldn't be underrated anymore.

    Source(s): I'm a Utah Jazz fan.
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    Most smart people would say Williams and Paul are both better than Rose. Rose deserved the MVP last year, but overall, all-around game, Williams and Paul are still superior.

    I don't think PGs are as important as elite scorers. Michael Jordan has 6 rings, Kobe Bryant has 5, but if you take a look at the top 10 leaders in assists... Stockton has no rings, Kidd didn't get one until he joined an elite scorer, Gary Payton didn't get one until he joined an elite scorer, Oscar Robertson didn't get one until he joined an elite scorer, Mark Jackson has none, Steve Nash has none..

    Other than Magic Johnson, I don't think any PG has the type of impact on a game that a dominant scorer has.

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    Are you outta your mind. How is Russell Westbrook better the Chris Paul and Deron Williams. Westbrook takes almost 30 shots a game and yet only averages 21 points better then those two. Westbrook can shoot nothing like paul or williams.

    Westbrook 21.9 ppg 8.2 apg

    Williams 20.1 ppg 10.3 apg

    Paul 22ppg 11.5 apg.

    What the hell are you talking about

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  • 4 years ago

    dude your checklist is lame. PG: Deron Williams is extra useful than tony parker and chancy billups Andre miller has a extra useful mid selection interest than mo' williams. mo has a extra useful 3pt shot. how do you no longer comprehend that? take monta out... no longer a real component look after. if baron stayed he'd nonetheless come off the bench or play the two. take out bibby: he hasn't been solid for a jointly as... do you watch basketball? the hawks are already gonna eliminate him. he did nothng yet suck interior the playoffs. take out mo williams: HA!!! thats humorous. component look after? verify his stat sheet chum... see what proportion circumstances he took extra photos than michael redd the shooting look after. SG: allen iverson is quantity a million? properly in case you like him that plenty its cool, yet then you certainly lame excuse for kobe bryant does not make experience... LOW shooting % and yet you have iverson as quantity one. ok. something of the SG checklist is a multitude. SF: AK47? yeah you do no longer watch plenty basketball. in no way recommendations this checklist. your reading is far off. out of a 10 it gets a 4... watch extra video games. do extra study. you have have been given a protracted thank you to circulate.

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    Because PG like Derrick Rose, and Russel Westbrook are a lot better than them. Also, they arent on great teams so dont get talked about as much. People usually follow the top teams and players. Williams and Paul arent the best players and dont even compare to lebron james or derrick rose or kobe bryant.

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    First of all they don't play for Big teams that are well known at least for the time being.

    Second of all they are overshadowed but players like Derrick Rose and Rondo partly because these players are slightly better (Or are perceived to be better due to the franchises they play for). and slightly because the teams they play for are more well known and draw more attention.

  • 9 years ago

    Chris Paul was until the playoffs and Deron WIlliams still is.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Because of the franchise they both play in, But Chris Paul is not underrated, almost everyone understands now that he is the best point guard

  • j
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    9 years ago

    CP3 is better than Kobe

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