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Why was I given Pitocin?

I went into labor with my daughter at 40 weeks 2 days. When I got to the hospital my water hadn't broken but I was contracting every 1-2 minutes and they said I was dilated to a 2. They nurse told me that I wasn't leaving the hospital without a baby this time because I was in labor and they were gonna go ahead and let me have her. However about an hour later the nurse came in and said that the doctor ordered Pitocin. I was in labor for 22 hours and pushed for 2 hours and 41 minutes.

My daughter is now almost 7 months old. But I'm seeing all of my friends that have been induced since then say that they were given Pitocin to induce their labor. I thought it was normal until now to get the Pitocin not being induced, which is why I never mentioned it to my doctor. But now I'm confused. Why was I given Pitocin if I wasn't being induced?


I'm not stupid. Obviously the doctor said to go ahead and admit me. I didn't feel the need to write down every little freakin detail, but I guess with people on this site being so ready to insult someone, I should have. Um, yeah, I was contracting every 1-2 minutes. Obviously the doctor ordered the Pitocin.

Seriously, if you can't simply answer the question without acting like you're better than me or insulting me, then find something better to do with your life, and don't answer. K thanks.

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    "They nurse told me that I wasn't leaving the hospital without a baby this time because I was in labor and they were gonna go ahead and let me have her"

    OK first off the nurse can't make this determination, they evaluate then report to your Dr. and HE decides if you stay or not, the nurses can't admit you without HIS permission!

    Second - you were contracting every 1-2 minutes? You're sure about this? If so the the likelihood of the pitocin was because your contractions weren't strong enough to cause any cervical changes - but again your Dr. made all these decisions - not the nurse

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    Pitocin is used to induce or augment labor. Many times when it is used for augmentation, people still say "induced" which is technically incorrect. Some doctors are very enthusiastic with their use of Pitocin and will give it if they think they would like your labor to progress faster. If you are confused about why it was used, I would ask your doctor to explain it to you. He should be able to give you a clear answer and help you understand his reasoning.

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    Pitocin speeds the labor process up. I was dilated 2 cm and contracting and my obgyn ordered them to "induce" me. I believe water has to be broken before labor has really begun.. hope this helps :)

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    Maybe things weren't going as quick as they wanted. So they were just trying to speed things up a bit. Not real sure.

    Source(s): 8 month old baby girl and 22 weeks pregnant with baby boy
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    it help strengthen your contractions. if your doctor gave it to you he didn't think your contractions were strong enough.

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    You're asking this 7 months later???? You're really really slow. I'm feeling a bit sorry for your baby.

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    your doctor was inducing you.

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