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Do the Arabs/Muslims hate the United States of America because America supports and aids Israel if America sto?

Do the Arabs/Muslims hate the United States of America because America supports and aids Israel if America stopped aiding Israel would they stop hating America why or why not or do they hate America because we are not a Muslim Nation and don't live under Sharia Law and are ruled by what they call man made laws and are mostly Christians ?

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    Not aiding Israel is not an option for America,.

    Maybe the bombs dropped on their children might be a factor also

  • knauf
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    "Do the Arabs/Muslims hate the USA because of fact united states of america helps and aids Israel " In all honesty, us Arabs are truthfully annoyed with the aid of united states of america's blind help for Israel. What did we ever do to united states of america to deserve this unjust stab interior the back? nicely truthfully, i comprehend why united states of america helps Israel. united states of america could earnings if Israel saved the middle East on shaky grounds. the earnings is available contained in this style of capability over the middle east, and maximum critically, a reliable grip on center-jap crude oil. "or do they hate united states of america because of fact we are actually not a Muslim united states of america " this is a generalized question. There are some Extremist Muslims who could desire to Islamize the west. yet there are additionally some Muslims who're tolerant of different's ideals. ----------- united states of america is meant to be a mom-like, peace protecting united states of america. I advise, this is the image that it needs the worldwide to work out it with the aid of. yet this is a few distance from what's truthfully taking place. yet i'm keen to forgive united states of america if she stops manipulating us like we are some bunch of guinea pigs.

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    i say yes to most of what you say and that history supports that. i think with out a separation of church and state the other side will be opening us up to Sharia law.

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    The Muslims hate Israel and all Christian countries which they call the infidels and their "holy book" says to destroy all the infidels

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    They hate Israel and other Western Countries because we are not Islamic nations.

    Yes it is that simple.

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  • Anonymous
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    yes but it is too late now

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