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what do i need to know when buying a new car?

I am looking into buying a new 2011 Chevy camaro sometime between now and December. But i don't want to get cheated into paying to much. What do i need to learn so i don't get out smarted by a slick car salesmen? I could bring someone more experience with me, but i would rather know and do all the talking myself. any help would be great, thanks!

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    Jason's answer is good - also, best tip ever: Get a "pre-negotiated" price quote from AAA, USAA, Sam's Club, or Costco if you have any of those options available. Basically, certain dealerships contract with those organizations to have a SET price (with a fixed, reasonable profit added) on a vehicle. You go in and buy it at that price, simple as that no haggling, no deception. I saved almost $5,000 on my latest new car doing that. If you don't have access to any of those, buy a price report from Consumer Reports for $14. It tells you the ACTUAL price the dealer paid. Then, bargain UP from there. Pay NO MORE than 5% over their cost.

    Also, DON'T cave into buying worthless or overpriced BS add-ons like "fabric treatment" or "undercoating" or (the worst!!) "market adjustment".

    Remember, YOU are in control. Your best bargaining tool is being able to say "NO" and walk out!!

    Source(s): Worked at uncle's Lincoln dealership for six years; ASE certified mechanic.
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    Make the deal with an internet sales department before going into the dealership. You will have more time to think and research along the way and already know that you are getting the right deal before going in. If they change the deal on you and you don't understand why or it doesn't make sense, just leave.

    Source(s): I used to be a salesman at a high end dealership
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