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recipes for toffee apples and treacle toffee?

im wanting to make toffee apples but most recipes have cream of tartar/vinager in and i have neither of these. i have white sugar, golden syrup and other usual household foody things.... is there a basic recipe which still works well with minimal ingredients??

also for treacle toffee... i dnt have soft brown sugar, just white/caster sugar. i have a tin of treacle but not many unusual ingredients, a basic recipe for this too please?


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    Treacle toffee


    10oz/275g Sugar

    2 tablespoons of water

    2 tablespoons of black treacle

    2oz/50g butter

    1 dessertspoon vinegar

    To Make:

    Put all the ingredients into a large saucepan, stir, and boil (hard boil, not simmer) for about 12-15 minutes, until a sugar thermometer shows 300 degrees F, or 149 degrees centigrade. If you like your toffee brittle, then boil for a slightly longer time. You can check it's ready when a small amount dropped in cold water forms a small ball (more on this in the dull bit, later on).

    Then, take the mixture off the boil and carefully pour into a shallow greased tin about 20cm/8" square. As the toffee is setting, mark into squares with a knife that's been dipped in oil.

    This makes about 120z/350g of toffee.

    Try this recipe for peanut toffee apples:

    Peanut Toffee Apples:


    6 medium sized eating apples

    8oz granulated sugar

    2oz peanut butter

    6 skewers, or sticks (I use those wooden chopsticks that you buy in bulk, even if they are a bit long, really)

    To Make:

    Wash and dry th

    e apples, and put the sticks firmly into the middle of them (really firmly, otherwise you might end up fishing around with a fork in the middle of a pan of boiling sugar for your lost apple. That, or your child will drop his/her apple in the road, and wail).

    Butter a plate, or baking tray, ready to stand the apples on, and put this by your cooker. Have a bowl of cold water ready there, too.

    Put the peanut butter and sugar into a big pan, over a low heat, and heat gently, stirring, until all the sugar has dissolved.

    Bring to the boil, stirring all the time, and cook for three or four minutes, until the temperature on your sugar thermometer reads 138 degrees centigrade, 280 degrees F, or when a small spoonful of the mixture, if put in cold water, makes a slight 'crack' sound.

    Now, straight away (if you dither, you'll be lost), dip the apples into the cold water, then straight into the toffee mixture. Then dip the apples into the cold water again (this stops the hot toffee running straight off the apples) and on to your buttered plate.

    Leave to cool, and you've six peanut toffee apples. You can wrap them in cellophane if you want to be posh, but I use greaseproof paper, or just eat them straight away (not all of them, though - this is a good recipe if you're having a small party, or something like that).

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    Black Treacle Toffee

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