How do I switch from the crappy current Yahoo Mail to Yahoo classic mail?

The new Yahoo mail system is terrible. It's slow; it won't let you open up messages in separate windows and it won't let you do basic things like view only "unread" messages. Absolutely terrible. I've tried it for weeks now and I hate it more every day; I am going to have to switch to Gmail unless I can figure out how to revert back to the classic Yahoo mail system. Does anybody know how to do this?

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    8 years ago
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    To go back to YAHOO! MAIL CLASSIC...

    Turn off Javascript - you'll then be asked if you want to return to Mail Classic, click "yes".

    If you don't know how to turn off Javascript...


    IMPORTANT:Remember to RE-ENABLE JAVA and JAVASCRIPTING back ON when you are back in Mail Classic because without it some mail functions won't work.

    For IE: Open TOOLS > INTERNET OPTIONS >> SECURITY. In security click "CUSTOM LEVEL" -> disable active scripting in the scripting section.

    IMPORTANT:Remember to turn JAVASCRIPTING back ON when you are back in Mail Classic because without it some mail functions won't work.

    For FIREFOX: Open TOOLS -> OPTIONS -> CONTENT, click on "DISABLE JAVASCRIPT". Now hit F5 to refresh the page while you are in Yahoo! email in order to switch back... In the options, click (PERMANENT) to switch back to YAHOO! Classic. DO NOT click the "ONE TIME ONLY" option.

    IMPORTANT: Turn JAVASCRIPT back ON once you have your "CLASSIC" account back.


  • 6 years ago

    Click on the Gear in the top right, then choose Settings. On that page, switch to Basic mail.

  • 6 years ago

    There is an easier way to go back to the pre 10/08/2013 version of Yahoo email, which sux much less.

    Point your mouse at the purple "settings" gear. Click Settings on that menu. Then click Viewing email, then uncheck the box that says Conversation view. Also at the bottom of the box, click the circle that says Basic next to Mail Version. The Full Featured version is the one that sux.

    Click Save, and you're instantly back on the older Yahoo mail version, which doesn't have NEAR as many problems as the new and "improved" one.

    I think we all need to do this ASAP to send a clear message to Yahoo: give us mail that works and don't use us as your unpaid Beta testers.

  • 8 years ago

    The ''New Improved'' (sic) Mail is Unstable & There are Several Solutions To go back to Y Classic Mail.

    At Least One of These will work either Permanently or Temporally to get You in Your Mail so you can Manage it for now.

    I know it's a lot of words but some folks are PC illiterate & I don't Know What Group You're in.

    Here are a number of solutions for you:

    First try this link


    Or a shortened version Below if the above doesn't work

    Click on "No, thanks. Continue to Yahoo! Mail Classic"

    Note: As of May 31st, you can no longer switch back. Yahoo's removed the link to return to the classic version. If your previous version was the New Mail, then you MAY be stuck with & you can't get it back Permanently.

    BUT, If you have stalled from "upgrading" (like me) then the trick below will work.

    To get back to the Classic version you'll have to lower the resolution on your PC to the point where it won't support the Beta version.

    To do this Right click on a blank space on your desktop & choose "Properties". Select the "Settings" tab. Move the slider that says "Screen resolution" all the way to the left (or Below 1024 by 768 pixels) Click OK. You may have to restart your PC (depending on your settings)

    Note: I'm still running XP & am not sure if this works in Windows 7 - Some say it doesn't)

    After rebooting or logging into your Y mail account like normal while in this new low screen resolution you'll be asked to switch to the new mail. Do so & click OK or upgrade (don't worry). When you're in the new mail you'll brought to a page that tells you the resolution is to low. It'll give you a few choices. Choose the "last one" which will say something like 'go back to the previous version you were using'. Click that & you'll be brought to your old classic mail. Log out of Y mail. Now you can change your screen resolution like it was before. This should be permanent - not just one-time (or until Y mail fixes/forces this too upon us hopefully many months away)

    Temp Solutions:

    You can use these two links though it's only a temp fix & you'll have to use them every time to access the Classic version.


    If the links don't work & open up Y Classic Mail then copy/paste the address in a new window or tab & press enter.

    Or try this link & choose Classic:



    Hope this helps and be Sure to come back & give SOMEONE a best answer because some of these answers take a lot of time & work & research on our part. You can choose a best answer after 1 hour

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  • 6 years ago

    I agree that the "new"yahoo mail is beyond terrible. It SUCKS and obviously the designers do not use it. My simple solution is to forward anything I want to print or to keep to my AOL e mail account. Once there I can do all the things I need to do with it. It's a real pain to have to do this but Yahoo leaves no choices with their absolutely useless system. Yahoo should be ashamed of themselves for putting this piece of junk out as a system.

  • 8 years ago

    Just reverted from the New Yahoo Mail to Classic Yahoo Mail by using the screen resolution trick mentioned in two of the previous answers, which is awesome. I'm using Windows 7 Professional x64. I adjusted my screen resolution from 1920x1080 to 800x600 (the minimum listed in on my screen resolution slider) and the New Yahoo Mail threw an error after trying to draw one of the pages and gave me a couple of options to revert.

    Source(s): Personal Experience minutes ago.
  • 6 years ago

    terrible is right - and I can't find a place to complain

    I hate this and all the help area says is it just takes time to get used to !!! WHAT? NO, idiots, it is a cluster F and you are just trying to be like G mail - and this is exactly why I don't have a gmail account.

    It is not good for people who actually have to get some business done - it is only good for fluffy talkers.


  • 8 years ago

    There is no link to go back that is what yahoo has failed to let users know.But there are two ways to go back that I know of see below to see what I did and it did work.

    There are large numbers of users on here with similar issues.Two ways to back to the other mail that I know of.The new beta mail they say it's 2X faster it's really 10X slower I had it I lost more than half my mail folders.I did a live chat session w/Yahoo told them if I can't go back I will leave yahoo they switched back.Two ways to switch back you can go & do a like chat session with a Yahoo customer service rep/agent like I did.To do this go here.Click on the link below to do your live chat.… Direct link to chat w/yahoo…

    And the other way is if you reduce your screen down just not sure how far down.But if you reduce it down far enough you will see an option to switch back.This will not switch you back to the all new mail it will switch you back to the Yahoo classic mail.Or you can just try emailing Yahoo with your issues that will take some time 3-4 days if your lucky.


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