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Why did Iran sentences U.S. hikers to eight years in prison when they know there not spys?

Iran must hate americans


I dont think amaicans could be spys in iran since they woud be spoted right away.

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    Iran is against the US government, not the people. How do you expect Iran act when they have been insde Iran's borders illegally?....

    As I know, they have broken the rules about the borders, etc. and are known as spies: The three Americans were arrested in July 2009 after illegally crossing the border from the mountains of Iraq's Kurdistan region. They were charged with espionage after the Tehran prosecutor found "compelling evidence" that the trio had been cooperating with US intelligence agencies.

    And I know that there are some 100% innocnet Iranians in America's prisons and their families are really worried abut them, and they have done nothing wrong....

    Source(s): from Iran
  • Kini
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    10 years ago

    Whatever bargain Iran might have been making was not acceptable to the U.S. Maybe Iran was trying to get some sanctions dropped in exchange for these two people or maybe Iran wanted their 5 citizens being held in Iraq in prison. How do YOU know they were not spying on Iran? What proof do you have either way? I am disappointed too but we dont have all the information. 3 of the 8 years was for illegal entry. Doesnt the U.S. keep innocent people in prison without even a trial for years?

    Edit: REID'S: The couple were living in Syria at the time they went hiking near Iran.

    Please dont forget the U.S. does have both satellite surveillance and CIA agents inside Iran, so it seems plausible to Iranan officials these guys could have been working for the U.S. govt.

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    10 years ago

    I believe the powers that be in Iran actually do (hate? mistrust? Americans). However, there's also an element of 'they might be' (spies) and doing this as an example to others. I've not heard about this, or the circumstances, but it does send a message to foreigners about how dangerous it can be to visit some of these countries, without respecting their laws.

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    Because they can. They are being used as bargaining chips. Remember this is a nation that hangs homosexuals, and stones and murders rape victims, and doesn't think twice about chopping off your hand for stealing.

    Very compassionate folks, those Imans and Mullahs or whatever they call themselves. Iran will eventually get whats coming to them, and it won't be pretty. Instant Karma's gonna get you, even if it's not so instant.

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    They are hostages, pure and simple.

    They are being held out there as trade bait. If the US wants to get them freed, the US will have to cave on some point the Iranians want.

    In civilized nations, this is called kidnapping

    In the rarefied world of International relations

    This is called diplomacy.

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    10 years ago

    I think they're being sentenced because they're stupid liberals.

    We have beautiful places in America in which to hike -- The Grand Canyon, The Smoky Mountains, Yellowstone, The Appalachian Trail, I could go on and on.....

    But where do these numb skull choose to hike? IN A FRICKIN' WAR ZONE NEXT TO A COUNTRY THAT HATES OUR GUTS!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe they'll get an 8 year education, courtesy of the Iranians, that their pin-headed liberal college professors refused to teach them -- namely, that there are evil people in this world.

    Source(s): Yahoo Answers is being run by the Obama Administration since it is apparent that conservatives can no longer ask questions. Isn't it interesting that precious "diversity" is flushed down the toilet by the very same people who say they cherish it?
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    Simply because their Americans!

    Source(s): I say send them a few scud missiles !
  • MG B
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    10 years ago

    political clout for stone pounders

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