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What does it mean when a website says No Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition v 1.4.1 support for APPLET?

I'm trying to take a test online and I downloaded and re installed java and I still can't take the test

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    If that checkbox isn't in IE's Advanced list, your client should open

    the Java Control Panel (I'm not sure in XP, but probably the same as W2K

    menu Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Java).

    The 'About' button in the General tab should reveal that Standard Edition v 1.4.1

    indeed is installed.

    Then in the Advanced tab, the checkboxes at '<APPLET> tag support'

    should be checked (both 'Internet Explorer' and 'Mozilla and Netscape').

    Use Sun's testapplet at to

    verify that the JRE has been installed.

    When it fails, make sure, like I mentioned that the

    checkbox in the Java Control Panel -> Advanced -> <APPLET> tag support

    -> Mozilla and Netscape is checked (on).

    Further, verify in Firefox that the checkbox at Tools -> Options -> Web

    Features -> Enable Java is on.

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