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JC asked in 教育與參考考試 · 9 years ago

多益考題~ 請英文高手幫忙

請問英文高手以下幾道題目並請做概略的解析 (不要只提供答案喔):

1. The results of the study ------- the hypothesis that had been proposed by researchers at the National Medical Institute. (A) confirmed (B) submitted (C) certified (D) depended

2. Antique cars are seen very ------- these days because they are extremely expensive to maintain. (A) hardly (B) uneasily (C) weakly (D) infrequently


感謝你的回答, 第一題我當初不確定是A or C, 第二題我不確定是A or D

經由你的explanation, 我也覺得 those should be correct answers.

不過你的回答中 "A) may be correct, but usually people use hardly instead"

選項A) 不就是 hardly嗎?

另外 hardly 與 rarely 不是很相似嗎?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Those are my answers, they "should" be correct

    1. A) confirmed

    2. D) infrequently

    First, knowing the definitions of "hypothesis" is very crucial in answering this question.

    Hypothesis in an experiment is known as the "educated guess"

    so the results should (A) confirmed 確認, the guess

    B is false because submit means 提交

    C is incorrect since certified means 公認的, in this case it mayt be correct, but you have to choose the BEST answer

    D is depended, results usually don't based on guesses, do they?

    Second question:

    This is again a question of knowing definition.

    A) may be correct, but usually people use hardly instead

    B) uneasily is incorrect because it means 不自在地

    C) is false because weakly cannot be used to describe "seen"

    So D should be correct because it means 不常見的

    I think the two questions are both made by Taiwanese.

    People use "rarely" instead of "infrequently" to describe "see"

    Source(s): 美國的教育。
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