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Is exercising for 3 hours a day everday too much for a 14 year old?

I'm a 14 year old boy, 5'6, and weigh in between 140-145 pounds (haven´t weighed myself recently).

My parents say I don´t need to lose weight but I feel that I do. I won´t be exercising for 3 hours straight, I will be exercising for an hour before school (Upper body), an hour when I come back from school(Core), and another hour at about 6:00 pm. Oh, and I will only be exercising specific muscle groups while I´m working out. For example, on Monday mornings I´ll work on biceps, in the afternoon I´ll do my lower back, and during the evenings I´ll work on calves. On Tuesday mornings I´ll work on chest exercises, in the afternoon I´ll do ab workouts, and in the evening I´ll work on my legs. And everyday will target different muscles for each of the 3 areas I mentioned (Upper body, Core, and Lower body.) Is this too much for a 14 year old boy? By the way I´m new at this, I have never done a workout in my entire life. As for the diet, I´ll just avoid junk food like candy, chips, and soda.

So...... Is this too much?

Sorry if this was too long.

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    So...what is your end goal? are you trying to gain muscle mass or maintain? you need to determine this so you can ,modify your diet appropriately. I do not know what your school work load is but you need to factor in study time(homework etc) and workout time as well. Sounds like you have a good plan but be prepared to modify as needed to balance your school workload.

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    that is a good amount. however you seem to be working out rather than exercising. it's good that you are strengthening your muscles as this will eventually improve metabolism and help you burn fat more easily. you should probably do some cardio as well to get fit, but if you just want a good body it's fine. also I wouldn't recommend doing that routine everyday. focus on a part of the body each day. ex arms and chest Monday abs and back Tuesday lower body Wednesday because you have to give your muscles time to heal and get larger and stronger, otherwise you may break down your muscles to the point where they are even weaker. remember you can exercise certain muscle groups 3 non consecutive days per week.

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    Maybe 3 hours is ok after you work yourself up to in a year or so. But for now, start with something more reasonable. At 140-145 pounds, you're not at all overweight, so just make up your own exercise routine (but not that long at first). You can work your way up just a little at a time. Good luck :)

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    Your exercise plan sounds fine, but you didn't really specify on your dieting plan. If you plan to exercise three hours a day, make sure you're eating enough so that you're actually burning fat off. If you don't eat enough, your body will store the fat.

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    i dont think im not an expert of anything but it sounds absoultly fine to me

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