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Can you decline a promotion?

just wondering

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    Yes you can. AR 600-8-19 outlines the declination of promotions.

    7–41. Declining promotion and assignment

    a. Generally, Soldiers may decline a promotion-related assignment that might jeopardize the individual. For instance, Military Technicians may be allowed to decline an assignment to a noncompatible position without jeopardy to

    their standing on the promotion list. There is no limit to how many times a technician may do this on one list.

    b. AGR Soldiers selected for higher priority units or positions than those in which they currently serve may not

    decline assignment. Also, they may not decline any other management directed move under AGR program management policies. These are conditions of remaining in an active duty status, and refusal is grounds for relief from active

    duty and from the promotion list (see NGR 600–5 or NGR 600–10).

    c. Declinations will be made in the form prescribed by the State. However, declination of an assignment for which

    eligible and available, (including commuting distance), or refusal of training under this program will be in writing.

    Soldiers who decline assignments or required training for which they are fully eligible and available will be administratively removed from the promotion list. They will not be reinstated on the list under any circumstances but may be

    considered by future boards if they remain eligible.

    1–24. Declination of promotion

    a. A promotion is effective as of the date on the promotion instrument.

    b. A Soldier may submit a memorandum of declination any time after being recommended for promotion. If the

    Soldier has been promoted, the declination memorandum will be sent through command channels to the PROM not

    later than 30 days (60 days for TPU) after the effective date of promotion.

    c. Those Soldiers not promoted effective the date of the order or with a future effective date will send the letter of

    declination no later than 30 days (60 days for TPU) after receipt of the promotion instrument or documented official

    oral notice.

    d. In the case of Soldiers on a promotion list, the PROM will send the Soldier’s declination memorandum to CDR,

    HRC–Alexandria, ATTN: AHRC–MSP–E, Alexandria, VA 22332–0443; CDR, HRC–St. Louis (AHRC–MSL–E), 1

    Reserve Way, St. Louis, MO 63132–5200; or CDR, RRC/ARCOM/USAR GOCOM no later than 10 duty days after

    receipt. For Soldiers on a semicentralized promotion list, the promotion authority will forward the documentation to the


    e. Soldiers selected for promotion by a selection board in a recommended military occupational specialty (RMOS)

    other than his or her PMOS (mandatory reclassification) may decline reclassification. However, declination of reclassification will terminate recommended list status and will be cause for revocation of the promotion instrument.

    Acceptance of promotion will be considered as acceptance of the RMOS as his or her PMOS.

    f. Once the declination of promotion is received by the promotion authority, the declination is irrevocable. The

    effective date will be the date the Soldier signed the declination of promotion.

    g. Soldiers who decline promotion or request removal from the list will be removed from the recommended list they

    are on and will not be eligible for reinstatement.

    h. Soldiers on a list who decline promotion will be considered by the next appropriate selection board, if otherwise

    qualified. Soldiers on a semicentralized recommended list may be recommended for promotion at any time after the

    last day of the month in which the Soldier signed the declination of promotion.

    i. Refer to paragraphs 5–11 and 5–34 for TPU Soldiers.

    Source(s): HR NCO
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    Ngr 600-5

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    Yeah, it's just an offer for a better job, sometimes people don't want the responsibility and decline it

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    yes you can, but consider it very, very carefully. You must not burn any bridges, and you must have a very good reason (such as you would have to move but you are caring for an elderly relative or something)

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    Sure. Just do small annoying things and flunk promotion boards.

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    yes. however if you do so you WILL be kicked out at the end of your current term of enlistment, if not sooner.

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