Financial Aid Appeal Was Rejected, But I Received TAP , QUESTION HELP!?

My FAFSA Appeal was rejected, the financial aid counselor advisor asked me if I have TAP I said yes but ignore the question because in order to qualify for tap you need at least 2.0 and fafsa but my gpa is low.

My question is, can I receive TAP even though I don't have PELL? Also, I have work-study.

Can I talk to my advisor and see if I can receive this money to pay my tuition or there's not way to receive it?

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  • 9 years ago
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    fafsa is an application for federal aid. tap is a new york state grant. federal aid and state aid have different rules for satisfactory academic progress. you need a cumulative 2.0 to receive tap if you've already received 4 tap payments in your career as a student. if not, the cumulative gpa requirement is less. you should check with the tap person at your school since they are the ones that will either certify or decertify your tap award.

  • baffa
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    4 years ago

    you are able to acquire financial help for graduate college yet you are able to't acquire grant money. you would be eligible for student loans and in all probability a scholarship. the clarification? you're seen an self reliant student and no longer based upon your parents. for greater suggestions please only type FASFA in seek and click on a thank you to coach. undergo in concepts the goverment has a time cut back and so does your state. So record quickly. consistently, ok

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