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How do i take a screenshot on my pc if the page is flash supported?

Im trying to take a screenshot of some of my senior pictures (the proofs) and its not letting me copy and paste it because its flash supported. and i tried the ctrl+print page but i think imdion it wrong. help?

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    turn off java in the browser you are using,

    then try.

    see if you can get a link to where the image is uploaded to.

    by right clicking on the image then selecting view image source.

    if you have windows 7,

    try using the snipping tool.

    if using internet explorer,

    every single image you look at on the internet

    is stored in the internet cache,

    get it from there.

    also look in the adobe flash folder found in the AppData > roaming folder.

    to take a screen shot.

    just press the Prt Scr key then paste it in to paint

    by holding down Ctrl and pressing the v key.


  • 8 years ago

    Hello, try to download some exclusive screenshot capture tools from internet and most of them are free. Just google it!

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