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what isef category and subcategory does an experiment involving plants go under?

im working on ideas for a science fair project and i need to kno what isef categories do plants fall under .

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    Study of plant life. Ecology, agronomy, horticulture, forestry, plant

    taxonomy, physiology, pathology, plant genetics, hydroponics, algae, etc.







    Plant Physiology (Molecular, Cellular, Organismal)

    Plant Systematics, Evolution


    AGR Agriculture/Agronomy - The application of soil and plant sciences to land

    management and crop production. Includes soil management, tillage, crop

    rotation, breeding, weed control, and climate related to crop production.

    DEV Development - The study of plant life from egg to germination.

    ECO Ecology (plant/animal or plant/plant interactions) - The science of the

    interactions and relationships between plants and plants and animals within

    their environment.

    PHO Photosynthesis - The study of the process by which plants convert water

    and carbon dioxide into carbohydrates, using sunlight as the source of energy

    with the aid of chlorophyll.

    PHY Plant Physiology ( Molecular, Cellular, Organismal) - The study of the

    mechanical, physical, and biochemical functions of living organisms/plants.

    POP Population Genetics - The study of genetic composition of populations in

    order to understand the evolutionary forces that select for particular genes.

    SYST Plant Systematics and Evolution - Systematic classification of organisms

    and the evolutionary relationships among them; taxonomy.

    OTHR Other

    for more see below:

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