is it illegal to move wholesale products in a rental truck like u-haul across the county?

Or is there a law aginst moving that kind of stuff in a rental moving truck or driving or states with it?

Also,what would be cheaper?

2 people flying from florida to california,renting a truck,picking up 25,000 dollars worth of wholesale product,driving it back to florida from california,and do that every 2 months


Buy a moving truck to have instead of renting one every 2 months,drive from florida to califorina,picking up 25,000 dollars worth of product and driving it back to florida

Cause of cost of plane tickets,fuel,rental of a u-haul and cost of the rental truck per day

Stoping for food and stuff

Which one do you think is a cheaper way?

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  • Dan
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    10 years ago
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    Use a trucking company to move your stuff for you, that would be your cheapest option by far.

    Otherwise I would fly out there and rent a truck oneway. If you buy a truck and you put that many miles on it then it will have a lot of breakdowns plus you won't use it all that often.

  • 10 years ago

    Hire a bulk freight company to move the material for you, much cheaper....

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