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Toyota Tacoma Double Cab 2008 TDR? Good car or not?

I just got a good deal on craigslist (let's hope it won't be gone) and I offered a person $2000 for this toyota tacoma double cab 2008 tdr, on the ad the person said it ran great, nothing wrong with it, under 30k miles, so I just emailed them (I email a lot of people with good cars on craigslist, to see if I can actually get the car) and offered $2000, since that is my car budget. I said if no one buys it, I'll buy it for that much. And the person said they have no other offers, and agreed! (Lets hope they don't get any other offers, ahahah, i'd like to buy this one!) (The small catch is that the title is salvaged)(By the way, what exactly is a salvaged title, and what does it mean for me? Isnt it like when the car has been in bad accident?)

Okay, so it's a toyota tacoma double cab 2008 tdr, with auto trans.

What do people use this car for? I understand it's a truck, but I just need a car to learn how to drive, since I'm a teen, and I need a car to learn how to drive!

I looked at some reviews online, and it said this car has a 5 star rating...

So tell me about this car.

also a little question, I looked on google images, and it looks like this is a pretty big car! Is this gonna be a good car for me to learn how to drive? I heard smaller cars work better, but hey, its a good price I guess, and the car looks good

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    Do you mean $20,000? You can't possibly buy a 2008 Tacoma for only 2 grand, even with a salvage title. Salvage title means that insurance wrote it off as a "total loss," usually due to a heavy accident. Salvage title vehicles are a scary bet, and you're usually better off avoiding them altogether.

    If it's truly priced at $2,000, it's a scam.

    Tacomas, however, are great trucks. A 2008 Doublecab TRD will probably run you about $20,000-$25,000, depending on miles and condition. They are solid trucks, and highly desirable. Gas mileage isn't great, but they are reliable and long lasting.

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    2,000 dollars is very low, even for a salvage title. It is most likely a scam. I wouldn't buy a salvage title vehicle ever for a good price. It is too risky. It's a great truck though!

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    $2000.00??? Do you REALLY think this is possible? Come on. I thought it was a typo, but you put it twice.

    That's a 20,000.00 truck. You're too stupid to own a car. It is obviously BULLSH!T!



    I just notice the salvaged title part...even still, if you cut it's value in's STILL bullsh!t.

    EDIT #2;

    AND, it's TRD, NOT TDR! How old are you? 12??

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