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what is Wales like if living there?

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    Hi Shara, I like living in Wales, its a peaceful little nation, we have our own Welsh culture language and heritage, if your an out going person, there's plenty of things to see from the big cities to the big and small towns to beautiful countryside etc.

    you have a very long list ;)

    Food: We have our own traditional foods like laverbread, one of my favourite cake called "bara brith" I recommend it and also Welsh cakes which is delicious, another popular meal is cawl which is a stew with welsh lamb and vegetables, you could also add bacon to make it more tasty.

    music: Wales has tonnes of Welsh musicians in the Welsh language, Elin Fflur a great singer search her on youtube, rap artists like gennod drwg and rap sgaliww, rock bands like Sibrydion, and many other, there are well known singers here, like Shirley Bassey Tom Jones, Stereophonics super furry animals and many more..

    Schools: education in Wales is run by the Welsh government and does differ in some respects from certain education in the UK, example the Welsh medium education, teaching Welsh... we start primary (elementary) school at 3 end high school at 16, we then go to colleges or universities, such as bangor, Aberystwyth Glyndwr or Cardiff University... this is a link about education in Wales:

    shopping: there are many national and international shops here....we use the british pound sterling owned by the bank of england...some shops I've been to accept euros too, but they are mainly to the West where many come from Ireland... as for internet, cell phones and cars, there all the same as the rest of the UK,

    as for jobs, there is currently a sharp rise in unemployment here. depending on what work you plan to do, you could try searching or

    Rugby is the national or "de facto" cricket golf and other sports and games are popular here too...

    The Capital city of Wales is Cardiff, I recommend you go there beautiful city, so much to see and do, another one is Swansea, in north Wales the small city of Bangor, we have large towns like Wrexham and Aberystwyth too...

    If your into outdoor activities, hiking helicopter tours walking up the biggest mountain in Wales Snowdon, lots of countrysides to go on walk, and go camping go spotting for Whales and dolphins and seals on Cardigan Bay and Penbrokeshire..

    the Welsh Mountain Zoo in Colwyn Bay if your into zoos, oakwood theme park, go canoeing and many more,,,,,

    Source(s): just go to to find out more....
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    What Is Wales Like

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    Wales may look small, on a map of The UK and Europe, but North and South Wales are worlds apart.

    My part, North Wales, is very pleasant, but no big cities. Our nearest city is Chester, in NW England, and our nearest BIG city Liverpool!

    In Mid Wales people tend to look to Shrewsbury, also in England, as their nearest big town.

    We have food , like elsewhere in the UK (same shops etc....) and all the other things you mention. WE are NOT barbarians!!!! Money? We are in the UK; POUNDS of course!!(?) Internet? Yes, but broadband speed varies in rural areas! Mobiles? Yes. Signal poor in some areas! Cars? Yes needed ,as transport poor! Next? Animals? ?????? Homes? Houses, flats, caves! Entertainment? We have it all; tv ( even a WELSH language TV channel) and all the regular UK Channels; BBC and independent, cinemas, theatres.... We ARE talking Wales, not Somalia, you know!!!! Yes we work too! People have the jobs, you would expect, in the villages and towns. So there are not too many supermodels in Llandudno, nor professional ballet dancers in Holyhead!

    Cities? Well in the South (I have been all over the world, but like many in NW do NOT know the South) is Cardiff, our capital, which is ok, but not too big. There is another city, of sorts, called Swansea, in the same part of the world.

    Basically Wales IS beautiful . We do NOT all speak WELSH, but about 20-25% do as a native language and they are bilingual Welsh/English. The rest, like me, are English only speakers to our shame! Welsh speakers do predominate in parts NW Wales, where there are places where about 70% speak the language. There are other parts of the country where you would be hard pressed to find a native speaker.We learn it at school, but it is so badly taught, most non natives get turned off all too early.

    Google Wales (wikipedia etc ) and find out more about us. We are Welsh and British, but NOT English remember; even us English only speaking people!!!!!

    Source(s): From North Wales. Live now in England for the food,money and stuff :)
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    Wales is a land of piety and embrocation

    The men are strong, and full of animation,

    The women are pure and free from sin,

    And if you believe that butty ~ you'll believe anything...

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    The same as the rest of the UK except we do have local news, welsh language channel, radio etc for speakers. We do ahve out own histroy, tradistions and food e..g bara brith, welsh cakes

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    No different to any other part of the UK ( England , Scotland or Northern Ireland )

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