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Is it true that NOW there is less criminality (thugs who assault and rob people) in Colombia, Venezuela,Brazil?

than in some European countries such as France and United Kingdom?

I mean, now cities like London or Paris have become more dangerous, and cities like Bogota, Caracas and Rio have become much safer?

Yes or no?

And WHY?

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    Hi there

    It MAY be true for Colombia and Brazil but definitely not the case for Venezuela. Im talking from experience here. In the case of Colombia the last to presidents (Alvaro Uribe Velez and the current Juan Manuel Santos) (...I currently live in Bogota by the way) have developed a policy of national security where security is itself a priority. In the city of Bogota about a thousand additional policemen have been trained and more police stations have been placed in several neighborhoods, with the additional fact that the government is constantly working to discover and eliminate any organized criminal groups.

    In the case of Brazil i cant tell you much but i know that the city of Curitiba and maybe Brasilia are among the most secure in Latin America.

    In the case of Venezuela, i moved (almost exactly a year ago) out of Caracas due to insecurity (I also had an attempt of extorsion). Almost every person I knew had been assaulted and in some cases even hurt by an attempt of a robbery in the last three months. There is one region in Caracas where more gun shots occur daily than in the whole New York. Im just talking about Caracas though. Although I can tell you that the reason for most insecurity in Venezuela is (currently) the inefficiency of the government and its grudge against any "capitalist" person who own money, reason why policemen are almost allowed to do anything they want.

    Whether cities in Colombia and Brazil have gotten more secure than those in the UK and France.... possibly the big ones like Bogota and Medellin but definitively not the small cities.

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    In fact, it is not safe, but has more security against crime, you've seen the war in the river, against the dealer in the newspaper, right?

    Made headlines around the world, used by Brazilian army tanks

    But this is not common, it happens every day

    I have a friend who is the Special Forces, on average performs 50 operations a day, only in his company in Brazil, there are thousands of Special Forces company, such that BOPE is the best known

    Since Brazil is the 1st Company Best Crime Urban World

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    Hi there,

    yes, crime in some countries in South America went down, especially in Colombia, however, there is still a lot more crime than in European countries.

    I am from Europe and travel through South America quite a bit (10 months last year, and going again next month until next summer).

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    I think not. Eventhough you had the riots in UK and France there wasn't some huge drug cartels or rebells behind it.

    Most of them were just angry or spoilt kids wanting to riot

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