Ramadan: What should I do if can't fast during the last 10 days of ramadan?

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I'm upset that I won't be benefiting the most powerful night of them all this ramadan. (menstruating) What can I do during the night of Lailatul qadr? Am I allowed to read ...show more
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Oh I feel your pain. I had to deal with this a few years back. Unfortunately, you cannot read Quran or pray Salat. However, you can still listen to Quran, read Duas and perform dhikr (remembrance of Allah.) There are other ways you can do ibadah. See if there is any local Muslim organization that require volunteers, perhaps you can volunteer some of your time during these last ten days.

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thank you
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  • Queen of candyland answered 3 years ago
    there is Qur'an online you could read it from your computer....... and be sure to also give zakats on those days. and yes you are allowed to recite dua'a
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  • Ruchjat K answered 3 years ago
    Salam If you are in your monthly periods on the last 10 days of ramadan,while awaiting lailatul qadar you can perform duas and dzikir all the night,but you can not read the original Qur'an and you could not establish prayer
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