What do you think about this new holiday?

Lately I've been placing a lot of for sale ads on Craigslist with no response. I'll lower the price, once, then twice, then three times and still NO ONE will even respond to claim the item-- even at a small fraction of its value-- BUT THEN, I put the exact same item, with the same picture and description up there for free-- and holy $^%@%@, people will come out of the woodwork from far and wide to claim THE SAME DAMN ITEM! --they'll even show up for one item and take the others with them! As you know-- on Halloween, people go from door to door to get free goodies. I decided to create a new Holiday that's just the opposite. I call it Weenhollow. On March 31st everyone will drive to a strange neighborhood and leave free $#^&@#^ (presumably, stuff that still has a bit of value) that they want to get rid of on other peoples door steps. Then, on April 1st it will be like Christmas... some people will get the gift of new crap that they dont really need (just like the other Christmas) and other people will get the gift of extra storage space! I'm laughing myself to tears right now!!! SO! What do you think!? If you approve tell me so, and then pass it on to everyone in your e-mail list, Twitter, FB friends etc. !!! Maybe there can even be special costumes-- like maybe a ski mask!!! lol

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