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Aeonyx asked in Arts & HumanitiesPhilosophy · 10 years ago

Have you ever had a truly original thought/invention/idea?

Filter out the massive bombardment of data from your parents & family, movies, TV, advertising, books, political figures, religion, science etc. etc. etc. --have you ever had a truly original thought that can be definetly attributed to you and you alone? This may be a question for scientists, inventors, musicians, artists and the like who are really in touch with their intuitive and creative sides-- but this question is certainly for everyone-- I'm talking about real epiphany, light-bulb-goes-off-over-your-head, invent a new moustrap sort of stuff! --and if you have time, tell me what it is. (not just yes or no!)

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  • 10 years ago
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    There is nothing new under the sun. So i recommend searching above it.

  • I don't think "truly" original ideas exist anymore,assuming they ever did before.I thought i was coming up with supremely untouched ideas once but then the newest surely "touched" idea i came up with was that most if not all of what i came up with was but a product of intense collective rephrasing and reshaping of whatever i once heard,read or saw...perhaps even this one.The rephrasing might be because i'm not someone who's all that good to by-heart in such a way to literally blindly recite later.

    I had and still have my few unshared moments of "i swear that's mine,i'm anti-establishment!" only to (depressingly then laughingly)read it somewhere in the internet after that or have somebody literally dictate it to me!That got me to have a "coming and going" belief(even without reasonably proving it)that whatever i first-handly experienced and will experience was experienced by someone else somewhere else somewhen else in the same or another way!

    I don't know but the only "logical" thing is that i must've had those things copied to my conscious brain which forgot them to the sub or unconscious brain after sometime and then found rephrasing in different ways to be the only way to retrieve them in a manner comprehend-able to me,with respect to external and internal impulses at the given time,i would like to think so...not sure.

    But in general,when it comes to virgin,as in never thought of before in the history of mankind,ideas i think that the infrastructure's complete,one can only get inspired and influenced then enhance(carry on where others stopped).Some might rephrase by blending elements from different fields(into areas like poetry),others come up with new theories based on their own relative truth or falsehood of old ones(God-creative style or really just comparative-style?)while the rest might steal and lie for a name.

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    10 years ago

    I think independently derived absurdism in my head, but it wasn't truly original, only an extension of logic that had already existed.

    As it stands, I've never had a COMPLETELY new idea that on one has even remotely thought of emerge in my head, as far as I can remember. Usually when I think of something crazy, I look it up, and it already exists as a philosophical notion. You know?

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I don't know. I've had a handful of good ideas that I didn't get from reading/seeing elsewhere, but I assume other people have also thought of them...

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  • 10 years ago

    A couple. They are very rare though, and I never share them.

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