What got you in to your favorite band?

For some reason, I still consider The Beatles my favorite band. Anyways, my older brother learned Eleanor Rigby in sixth grade guitar class at school and he would sing it all the time. Eventually, he hated them, and I loved them.

BQ: What was the first band/artist you considered your favorite?

BQ2: Would your musical tastes be the same if it weren't for them?

BQ3: Were you raised on the music you like now?

BQ4: Do your tastes differ from your parent's?

BQ5: Is there a band/artist you might love if not for over exposure?

BQ6: Does the music you listen to affect other big aspects of your life (religion, political views, perhaps even clothing/hair style)?

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  • 9 years ago
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    I got into the beatles when i got beatles rockband.

    BQ aerosmith

    BQ2 yes

    BQ3 yes

    BQ4 no

    BQ5 yees

    BQ6 no

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  • Adam
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    My favorite band is Vanna and the way I found them is just because they're so popular in my state honestly. If you're into the Metalcore or Hardcore scene here, chances are you're extremely familiar with Vanna. I checked them out because of that and I loved them!

    BQ: Probably Smash Mouth haha

    BQ2: Ummm maybe not, I've just been a big fan of music ever since I can remember so I probably needed those earlier bands that I was into to jump start my obsession with music.

    BQ3: Oh definitely not, my parents can't stand a lot of the music that I listen to.

    BQ4: Yeah, although I have some common interests when it comes to music with my parents but overall were pretty different in that sense.

    BQ5: Ummm well there are some bands I'm getting really sick of for that reason. The band that jumps to mind is Of Mice And Men. I liked them but I see them being talked about way too much now.

    BQ6: No, I wouldn't say so. I mean, my favorite of music is Hardcore and most kids that I go to shows with are straightedge but I'm very far from straightedge. I wouldn't let the music I listen to change who I am.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    1: The first band I considered my favorite that stayed as my favorite for a long time (and still is my favorite) is Avenged Sevenfold.

    2: Definitely not. Before I heard of A7X I was listening to stuff like Three Days Grace, Nickelback, Hedley, etc, only because it was the only music that played on radio stations where I live.

    3: I was raised on country and pop because that's the only music that plays on radio stations here. So no, I wasn't.

    4: Yep. My dad likes country and my mom likes bands like KISS and AC/DC.

    5: Not really. Apparently A7X is over exposed but I love them anyway. I don't care what other people think I guess.

    6: It doesn't affect my religion or political views. It affects the way I dress I guess because I wear a lot of band shirts ever since I got into metal.

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  • What got me into my favorite band was my father. He's been a Doors fan ever since he was a little kid. He used to have all of the LP's. That love for the music sort of rubbed off onto me when i heard my first Doors song. But what got me really to love them, was the story behind them and their singer. I read the books about him, I saw the movie and a bunch of documentaries.. it all just fascinated me to the point i couldnt stop learning new things about Jim and the Doors. The few years the full band was active, certainly had a story to tell. From crazy trips and songs written on LSD, to being arrested on stage for supposedly "exposing his genitalia " on stage. Jim Morrison was a crazy guy... someone who thought he was the worst singer on earth. Someone who couldn't play a god damn instrument lol.

    And his music.. his music was written from the heart. He was a poet, and was extremely fascinated with death. He even felt a shaman indian's soul fell into him, when he was driving with his parents on a highway in the desert, where a truck carrying indians had crashed. (This story was included in many songs, such as Riders on the Storm).

    I feel the story of Jim Morrison can touch everyone in different ways... he was a misunderstood, interesting man, who did many... interesting things.

    BQ: First artist i had ever considered my favorite was Uncle Kracker. I used to have a CD of his when i was very little, and i would replay Drift Away again and again. I could sing the whole damn song before i stopped sucking on my pacifier lol.

    BQ2:Uhm, no. Either way i still would have to ride home from my grandmother's house every single afternoon listening to the classic rock station. Listening to that station for about a half an hour every day made the music grow on me.

    BQ3:Yes, raised on it. I wasn't raised on rap, just rock and roll.

    BQ4:Not my father, we love the same music. My mother is a little younger with her taste preferences. She is more of a 90's rocker, like Spin Doctors and Del Amitri, and Barenaked Ladies. Don't get me wrong, they are amazing bands, but i prefer 60's 70's and 80's.

    BQ5:Overexposure... Hmm.. I would love the Doobie Brothers if i hadn't already heard every song they have ever written over 1 million times. Our radio stations seem to love the Doobies.

    BQ6:Definitely. I've got the political view of a hippie, and i walk around the 80 degree weather is jeans and an ACDC shirt. I roll with my Adidas 80's Superstar 1's or converse, and always a band T-Shirt. Normally a Doors or Jim Morrison T-Shirt.. but sometimes i tend to break out the Man in Black t-shirts (Thumbs up if you know who I am talking about when i say the Man IN Black!!!), or the occasional Beatles or Aerosmith. I have to say rock and roll also affects my attitude. I'd rather be laid back, calm, cool, and collective. Don't like to start trouble with people, and i live by the rule live and let die..

    And this is Joe Giulian lol changed my name to the Clash's best song ;)

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  • Norkle
    Lv 4
    9 years ago

    I heard The Strokes' song You Only Live Once, and for my friends and me, it became our summer anthem. We just played it all the time, made up dances to it, sang along, acted it out.....hey, we were 12. :3

    BQ: The Strokes

    BQ2: Nope.

    BQ3: Nope. I was raised on Peter Gabriel, Squeeze, the Barenaked Ladies, and the Rolling Stones.

    BQ4: Yes. Quite a bit.

    BQ5: No, probably not...I don't care if they're famous or not.

    BQ6: Clothing, yes. Religion, no, I don't have one, and political views, no, because my dad works in government, so I already know they're all evil anyway...:3

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  • 9 years ago

    Well I guess it would be a combiniation of two people: my middle school orchestra teacher introduced me to Coldplay and other non-Classical music. For a while all I had listened to was classical. Then one day a girl in my class was looking through my iPod an of course commented on my almost completely classical library. I guess from this I decided to listen to more popular music... And I loved it! I can pretty much trust the musical tastes of this girl- they are almost exactly mine.

    BQ1: Coldplay, but my favorite now is Muse.

    BQ2: Definitely not! Their music led me to the harder alternative rock I love.

    BQ3: I can't really remember what I listened to, but no.

    BQ4: Yes, a lot! Neither of my parents like that hard alt rock sound.

    BQ5: I would like Lady GaGa more if not everyone was obsessed with her. I think it would give her more freedom as an artist. Same with Coldplay's newer stuff.

    BQ6: I have learned a lot philosophically from music, and it greatly impacts my life.

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  • 9 years ago

    I started listening to a lot of music that wasn't on the radio. I felt that I connected with rock and hardcore and metal more than I did with what was on the radio. It changed my life completely. I started to have this hunger for music that couldn't be satisfied. I randomly found out about Mayday Parade and I liked them a little bit, then as I listened to more of their music, I fell in love. Their lyrics speak to my heart.

    BQ: Probably the Backstreet Boys. I think...

    BQ2: I think so. Even though they were my favorite band at one point, I still listened to a lot of different music and I grew up in a house where music was a very important thing. I was always told to try new things, so I think I would still have the same taste as I do now even if I didn't like them. I mean the music I listen to now is pretty different from the Backstreet Boys.

    BQ3: Kinda. I was raised on country music, The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Beatles, The Eagles, Led Zeppelin and many many more. I still listen to a lot of that music today, so I guess I was raised on some of the music that I listen to now.

    BQ4: Um, in some aspects yes. My mom loves old love songs and a lot of soft, soothing music. While I do love soft, soothing music, it's not the same as my mom. I love acoustic music and she's more into the crooning, piano, almost cheesy kind of thing. Though I love a lot of the music my mom showed me, like; The Who, The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, Alabama, etc. My mom even likes a lot of my music. She's said it herself that she finds a lot of my favorite bands really good. She even likes Mayday Parade. (:

    BQ5: Um... I guess I have to say Cobra Starship. I really do like Cobra Starship, but I feel that they're just so exposed. They're songs can get pretty annoying after they get played over and over again.

    BQ6: I guess the only way my music really affets my life in a big way is the fact that I like to wear band t-shirts. As a huge lover of my music, I like to show support for music that changes my life. Other than that, my music doesn't change my way of thinking about many things in our world.

    Source(s): Lover of music. <33
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    BQ: Manic Street Preachers and Oasis I grew up around them really.

    BQ2: Hard to say, those 2 bands drove me on to stone roses, the smiths, joy divison, and generally going further and further back. and got me into Indie.

    BQ3: definetly my dad has so many bob dylan and the who records.

    BQ4: Not massively, my parents dont really get some of the music i listen to from there day, they particuarly understand the point of the velvet underground.

    BQ5:I hate bands that are exposed for something that has nothing to do with music, Pete Doherty is one of my favorite , all he is known for is drugs he is a fantastic song writer and extremely talented.

    BQ6:Not really, I make my own decisions

    P.s my opinion on the beatles too much of there songs are all lovey dovey songs, dont get me wrong they are amazing but, i dunno a lot of the time if i were to choose between listening to the kinks or the beatles, The kinks generally win.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    A list of the Top Guitar Riffs in the interwebz. Saw War Pigs by Sabbath was on it. Checked them out and fell instantly in love with their sound.

    BQ: Linkin Park, yeah them.

    BQ2: Iunno. I stopped listening to them and I'm not sure if they had an impact on my musical interests. They incorporated both Rap and Rock into their sound though and I love both of those genres. :/

    BQ3: Nah.

    BQ4: Yeah, big time. My mom likes Michael Bolton.

    BQ5: Not really.

    BQ6: My clothes sometimes and whether or not I'm gonna be bored at a particular situation. I love my ipod.

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  • Erika
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

    a million. who's your renowned band? Radiohead. 2. How long have you ever've everyday approximately them? Ever when you consider that November 2009 3. How did you get to comprehend approximately them? i desperate to furnish ok laptop a hear precise after Halloween 4. How plenty of their song very own? fairly plenty their complete discography.. 5. what proportion component products of them do you very own (alongside with shirts, bags, ect.)? None :( 6. Is your renowned song by utilising your renowned band? particular. 7. have you ever considered them stay? No, yet I plan to. 8. If the respond above grow to be particular, grow to be all of it you suspected it's going to be? It in all probability would be.. 9. What are a number of their impacts on your understanding? R.E.M, Miles Davis, Nirvana 10. Do you have a tendency to love their impacts? they are solid.. 11. have they have been given any component projects? if so, what? Atoms For Peace, and merely solo projects.. 12. What might/did take place in case you met them? i may be cool with them, Thom likes those with type..

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  • Morgan
    Lv 5
    9 years ago

    My favorite band is Asking Alexandria and I randomly came across their video for "A Prophecy" on Youtube and fell in love.


    Youtube thumbnail

    BQ: When I was 9 I loved the Backstreet Boys. This is the only time you'll hear it. lol

    BQ2: I don't listen to anything remotely like the Backstreet Boys, so I have no freakin clue.

    BQ3: No

    BQ4: Um, yes. Very much so.

    BQ5: Nope

    BQ6: Not really. lol

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