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Since basketball is a means of entertainment, is Blake Griffin the most valuable player to the League?

Griffin, single handidly, brought the Clippers back to relevance, as it relates to fan attendence, team revenue.

Since basketball is a BUSINESS, I think Blake Griffin is the league's best product.

I'm not saying he's the best player, by any means.


God damn, I knew there were idiots who wouldn't understand this question.

The NBA is a business, understand? Blake Griffin is becoming the most marketable player and he single handily puts butts into seats. Get it? I'm not saying he's the best player.

Update 2:

In other words, Blake Griffin, in a few years, will make the NBA the most money.

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    Nick V's an idiot. if u did the least bit of research you'd know you got the name wrong.

    To the league. yes. to people who don't get the question: NBA can't win games, it's not the MVP of the NBA, the MVP TO the NBA!!! In other words, most exciting. but it also just might be Lerbon, got some explosive dunks just like Blake, and people would rather wacth a great dunker win than lose.

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    You make a great point. From a business standpoint, I would say Blake Griffin deserved some consideration for Most Valuable Player last year. The Clippers jumped from 85% attendance to 93% last year, and the Clippers got a ton of extra television exposure. I'm pretty sure the Clippers were in the top 7 or 8 last year for nationally televised games, after being in the bottom 10 every season.

    However, if we are talking business, I think Kobe is the most valuable player in the league. There are 2 players in the league that are above the rest when it comes to marketing and revenue generating, Kobe and LeBron. Kobe gets the MVP nod over LeBron because Kobe is much more valuable to the Lakers financial success than LeBron is to Miami's. Miami has another superstar that is exciting to watch, while the other Lakers superstar is a boring 7 footer who never plays flashy.

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    Blake is the Clipper's best product. The two biggest attractions right now and will still be the biggest are Kobe and LeBron...period

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    Trippin much? MVP is given to the player who helps out there team the most. Derrick williams for example. The bulls probably wouldve never made the playoffs without him. Or be a low seed. Blake is good but with out dunks... Nothing special.

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