i was on leave under ADA. went back to work on april. i suffer from OCD,anxiety, and severe depression.

right now i'm on meds. paxil 30mg and xanax. i recently found out i'm pregnant. so my psychiatrist wants me of my meds ASAP !! he told me there's risks of heart defects with paxil n complications with xanax :'(. he said the risk are low but it's best not to take a chance. i agree as i don't want to hurt my baby..... i'm having withdrawal symptoms as i'm tapering off it real fast. i need my meds to control my ocd and anxiety.. since i work with someone who has HIV. now that's im pregnant i been feeling extremely anxious about work. i go back on sat... so 'im having withdrawal symptoms and pregnancy symptoms.. right now i don't even know...

my question was how many times a year can i go on leave under ADA????????

(the company is really big )

could they fire me for req to go on leave????

:'( i just want 1-2 months off .. i don't know how i can manage withdrawal symptoms and my pregnancy.. plus my ocd,anxiety, n depression.. if anyone has taken paxil they know the withdrawal is horrible ..

i feel like crying as i don't know what to do.. i really do love my job.. i don't want to risk loosing it..

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    10 years ago
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    the ADA does not have anything to do with leave it is FMLA that lets you take up to 12 weeks off if you qualify unpaid, under ADA missing work is not a reasonable accommodation, and FMLA can only be used once every 12 months

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