This is a question for any accountants?

What does an accountant do. Is it difficult? Do you enjoy it? Please be specific with your answers.

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    Describing A Company's Health Using Numbers

    Accountants are highly trained in math, accounting, law and finance so that they can describe the health of an individual, company or nonprofit organization using numbers and financial statements. Using standard practices, accountants analyze profit and loss. Their work provides the information that investors and others need to evaluate how a company is doing over time. The information forms the basis of a company's annual report and legally mandated filing reports. Accountants also do audits to verify the data that a company provides. If the accountant is on staff at the company, the audit is an internal audit. Outside accounting firms perform external audits.

    Discovering Fraud

    One important reason to conduct an external audit is to get outside consultants to check a company's financial records to ensure that nothing fraudulent is happening. During an audit, an accountant compares all of the receipts, invoices, purchase orders and the documents of other transactions against the records. It's the same kind of investigation that the Internal Revenue Service does if it audits your tax return. Assuming that you followed the rules, an audit won't reveal any new information. However, if there are mistakes or if anything illegal is being hidden, an outside audit by an accountant will probably discover it.

    Giving Financial and Investment Advice

    Accountants help people to navigate the frequently changing financial, investment and tax laws so that they can keep as much of the money they earn as possible. Many companies, nonprofit organizations and individuals pay an accountant or a certified public accountant who they trust to give them shrewd advice whenever they're considering a decision that has any financial consequences.

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