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Would you class this as Benefit Fraud or would you take the risk as a one off...?

Here's a little story....someone gets made redundant, and is promised the one month salary they are owed, they don't get it and after a week the company liquidates, they are owed £1000.00. They have no money so start a JSA and Housing benefit claim. After a week they get a crisis loan. They have to pay their landlord or they will lose their place to live and have nowhere to go.......

They are doing everything to find a job and pressure is building to pay the rent, the get temporary work for one week only. They are going to be taxed and NI contributed on this one off payment. They know they are a good person but wonder if they should declare this ONE OFF payment, because they are struggling to pay the rent and as yet have been given NO money by JSA or Housing benefit...

Should they risk this one off........?


Just feel in a bad situation at the moment and no real clear way out at present, so thinking about resorting to doing things not previously considered, not sure what to do really, other people state you can get away with it as a one off......

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    No, because they'll be caught as the tax and N.I. paid will show up on the J.S.A. computer ...if this happens it'll be court, fraud, a fine etc.

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    Oh don't worry, even if you don't declare it, the council will find out. We received a large back payment for working tax credits an child tax credits..and within 2 days the council knew about it. It had not actually hit our bank account yet, but the council knew it was coming. They WILL find out. It is best to be honest and up front.

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    its not worth making more problems. when they get caught, which they will, they'll have to repay the money, they'll then stop the jsa & housing benefit. try & get a tax rebate as they should owe you money.

    dont do it, theyre all linked to each other. will you have to pay tax anyway if its only a weeks work? find out.

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    If they were honest and not trying to get one over on HMRC, they'd find that they had overpaid tax and NI contributions on the year to date and the rebate they are due is more than the tax on their week's temporary work.

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    how would your friends feel if they were working and knew some else was doing it.

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