buddha feast calories at pf changs? im confused?

im planning on getting the buddha feast at pf changs because its very low in calories... or so it says!

on the pf changs website it says that the steamed buddha feast is- "serving size 6 ounces, servings per dish 2, and calories 55" which is a total of 110 calories!

however on other websites it says the steamed buddha feast is 200 calories! and i have looked up pics of it on google and it looks saturated in sauce so i find it hard to believe the meal is only 110. has anyone ever gotten this and is it covered in sauce? also if anyones knows how many calories that would help too! thanks

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    9 years ago
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    According to PF Chang's nutritional value, the steamed Buddha Feast with white rice is 2 servings and the whole thing is 235 calories. The one with brown rice is also 2 servings and 210 calories. The serving with white rice has too much sodium in my opinion, 575 mgs! I've never eaten this dish, and I stopped going to PF Chang's because their food is too salty.


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