What is the best place to live in Minneapolis/Saint Paul?

I am relocating to the Twin Cities soon and I'm still looking for the best area to live. Which areas are the safest/nicest/cheapest etc.? Which parts of Minneapolis and Saint Paul are the best: North, South, East, West, or Central?

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    10 years ago
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    Hello my fellow Minnesotan. Okay, maybe that is not the best greeting since I now live in Nevada, but I grew up in Minnesota and went to university that state, and you know, you can take a girl out of MN but never take MN out of the girl! ; )

    Anyway, like you, I really wanted to attend the U of M but I couldn't get into that kind of debt either. I searched around at a few of the MN State Colleges like Marshall and Mankato but they didn't seem right. I finally wound up attending Saint Cloud State University and it was a great choice. Not only is SCSU one of the cheapest universities to attend, it is also one of the most highly accredited universities in all of MN and since it is small (roughly 16,000 student and faculty combined) you are taught by actual professor, not Graduate Students. This means a lot when you are looking to take a difficult major like Engineering. Your class sizes will also be smaller which means you'll get more personalized attention and probably enjoy your education along the way.

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    As somebody who use to shuttle there usually for paintings i'd say the suitable issues are: the individuals (very friendly and form), the humanities scene, and the geography (various lakes and timber). The worst issues: wintry climate climate (that's brutal) and the size and form of mosquitos in summer time.

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    North-Not safe, run down

    South-Scary, run down

    Northeast-Good People, Fun, not expensive

    Uptown-Good People, Tons to do, Average cost

    Downtown - fun, expensive


    East-Ok, kind boring, blue collar

    West-Mostly Mexican

    Frogtown-Scary, run down

    Como Park Area- nice, good people

    U of M Area - fun, good people

    Summit Ave Area - nice, fun, kinda expensive.

    It's best to stick to the suburbs, all are pretty nice. Except Brooklyn Center-Bad.

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