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Need a Cool psn Name?

Alrite so i Need a Cool name with no numbers ibeen thinking .. SohAbove , Passion- , Borgore , ziDR-- , YoshiGriMz , But im not sure do yhu guys have any cool psn names dat ikan have

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    you gotta think hard for your PSN. take some time sit down and think about yourself, your favortite things etc. it took me a week to think of a name but it was the week before i got my ps3 :D

    once you pick a name, stick with it. i hate when people make and account like every other month for no reason.

    Source(s): mine is bcc_pilgramage
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    Cool Psn Names For Guys

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    Just think of something cool or awesome. My psn name is Mayhem I also go by Kamakazie.... Just think of something like, striker, mr.sandman, hobo with a shotgun, british bombshell,skullkid,maniac,savage, wicked...etc. Just use your imagination

    Source(s): me being a badass
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    Put your firstname or your nickname and a _ or a funny face•~• -_-

    Source(s): I can't think of one but add me pikui14 PSN.
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    that if your playing a shoot em up.

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