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How do you know your child has died?? (God forbid this should happ to anyone) but do you feel cramps?

I'm talking about during the 2nd trimester or 18 weeks on up. Do you get cramps right afte the baby dies?? How long does the baby stay in there until your body realizes that baby is not alive?! Please answer, I am Not goin through this just asking! God bless all the unborn babies!

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    Sadly there is usually no symptoms at all. And it can take up to two weeks for your body to go into labor after the baby has died. Most women don't find out right away. It's usually at a doctors appointment were no heartbeat is detected anymore. They will do an ultrasound to confirm the baby has died and then give her options as to what to do next. Whether she chooses to let nature take it's course or have it medically taken care of. I would image it would be the most horrible experience a woman could possibly have.

    But at around eighteen weeks a lot of women feel there baby move - I didn't until twenty-one though. So if a woman can feel her baby move, and then suddenly stop moving for days - that would be an obvious sign of something wrong.

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    Well I never lost a baby in the 2nd trimester, but I did just lose one at 11 wks. My baby only measured the size of a 7 1/2 wk fetus at 11 wks. U can never really know exactly when the baby dies unless u are far enough to feel it move n then it stops and u never feel it. Some pain is common in pregnancy because everything is streching in the 2nd trimester and into the 3rd, but some pain is very normal. If anyone feels like something is wrong in the 2nd trimester even on the 1st go see ur doctor u can never be to safe. Also I didnt have no pain with my baby when I lost it intill the day before I passed it. RIP my precious child. Always talk to ur doctor tho. Gd luck. God bless.

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    Well I've unfortunately had 2 2nd trimester losses. I was actually in the hospital already when both happened. We actually knew it was gonna happen that night because you could hear the hb getting slower while being monitored. My placenta was tearing away from my uterus. So I had massive cramps and bleeding. But that's not usually the case with losses later on. A lot of the time it's a cord injury and they slip away without anyone knowing. It happened to my husbands coworker she was around 20wks went for her check up and they couldn't find a hb. The baby had already died a few days before and she had no clue. It was her 3rd pregnancy and nothing seemed different. They induced her the following day. So it's different for everyone.

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    I am a Maternity Nurse and have seen this too many times. The answer is difficult to answer. Some Doctors will find a demise and put the Mom into the hospital to be induced right away. Some may want a day or two and see if the mom goes into labor. They won't wait longer than that. You don't want to risk the Mother's health by carrying around a dead child. It's also emotional hell. Lets think good thoughts and this info will never be needed.

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    You will have very bad cramps but not immediately. The first symptom will be light spotting, Ive had a few friends who have miscarried and that was always the first sign. It will start out light, and then get heavier after a few days. The cramping will start out light as well, like menstrual cramps, but will get much worse.

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