wait up for 跟 wait for 的差別?


wait up for 跟 wait for 似乎都是"等待某人"的意思



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    wait for 泛指等待

    wait up 有兩個意思

    1. 先不睡覺,等候(某人或某事)

    Let's wait up for dad -- maybe he'll be back in 30 minutes.

    2. 非正式用法:停下來等候落後的人


    wait up1. To postpone going to bed in anticipation of something or someone.2. Informal To stop or pause so that another can catch up: Let's wait up for the stragglers.

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  • 9 years ago

    wait up for 等待為

    wait for 是等待的意思

    wait for to do smething 等某人做某事

    wait for 後+ 名詞 (人事物等)

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