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Why are bridges constructed in a curved fashion?

Please follow the link Most of them are curved. We know that if it was straight construction cost before construction as well as driving cost after construction could be reduced.

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    Um, consider the alternative to constructing a curved bridge in the case of the Brooklyn Bridge. When you build a bridge over a river you usually want boats to be able to pass underneath the bridge. Some boats are tall, so your bridge now has to be tall. But if the deck of the bridge is way up in the air then cars need a way to get to the deck.

    Since our hypothetical alt-Brooklyn Bridge is now straight instead of curved, we'll have to build a ramp to get to the deck. Now, just imagine having to drive a car up a very steep ramp before the ramp abruptly ends at the terminal point of a flat bridge deck. This is virtually absurd and certainly impractical: it would be like forcing your car to go mountain climbing to cross a river, to say nothing of how excessive speeds on the opposite ramp would become a problem as people descend a steep ramp away from the bridge.

    Not only that, but considering the fact that the approach ramps for the real, curved Brooklyn Bridge already begin relatively far from the shore line in order to allow the bridge to be as high as it is, a flat Brooklyn Bridge with steep ramps would have to either extend further inland (in which case there'd be no room for City Hall in Manhattan) or the ramps would have to be super-steep.

    The simple solution to these problems? Just build a curved bridge.

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    Curved Bridge

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    idiot! it would require thicker materials if straight, why does a coke can have a curved end on it? It is stronger, if it was flat it would have to be far denser to hold the pressure.

    so your claim is the opposite of the truth, curved uses less material and is cheaper.

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