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Swing music for Alto Sax?

I'm beggining to learn how to learn how to play alto saxophone and I was wondering if there's any good easy swing musci for it

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    Arrangements are hard to come by if you are not in a band, but there are some available online.

    If you want to get into playing swing, you should start listening to Lester Young (saxophonist for the Count Basie Orchestra).

    His most famous, most analyzed solo is his two choruses on "Lady Be Good" from 1936, recorded with a Basie small group credited as Jones-Smith Inc. The solo became almost a jazz etude - something that musicians learned as a part of their education.

    Here's the song, if you've never head it:

    A couple years ago, I talked with Howard Alden at a jazz festival I was attending, and that solo came up. Howard has transcribed and forgotten more tunes and solos than anybody, but he said he'll always know Lester's choruses on "Lady Be Good."

    At a big band dance a couple years ago, the band playing had to play an extended version of the song "Lady Be Good" for a dance contest. Dan Barrett was playing, along with their regular lead trombone, Dan Weinstein. They were signaled to have either one of them take a chorus, and they both stood up and played both choruses of Lester's 1936 solo in unison.

    This website has some awesome jazz geeks listening to 18 different Lester solos:

    And they continue by posting the Lady Be Good Solo transcribed, along with 15 other "lady" solos:

    Without Lester Young, you have no Bebop, and no Rock n' Roll wailing sax in the 50s!

    Anyway, I hope that helps!

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