How can I receive free international calls to a land line?

Here is the deal. My parents live in Kiev, Ukraine, my grandmother lives in Los Angeles, California. I want to find a way my parents can call her for free or cheep using their computer and have her land line ring. I don't want my parents to get any hardware devices or for my grandma to have to get internet.

Any Ideas?

I was reading into SIP, VOIP. Routing a sip call to a landlines but nothing I found would work the way I want.

My other idea is a bit complicated but at the same time easy. Have my parents log into my router, Wake On LAN one of my PC's, it would boot up and load Skype, then Skype would auto answer their free Skype call, and then a program that I could make my self would detect all that and dial my grandmother(local call for me) if my or her line is busy play a mp3 to them saying to try back in a few, I would just need to find a way to route my parents voice(Skype)to her phone threw my modem


I found something...

What about a Linksys SPA-3102 or Sipura SPA-3000 at my house and my parents using SJphone(Software) directly IP connected/forwarded to my SPA3102 work bypassing SIP providers? My grandmother is a toll free call for me.

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  • DON
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    9 years ago
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    I'd go with a simple USB VOIP hardware solution called a MagicJack.

    When registering it, choose a number that is a local call for your grandmother. Then mail it to your parents. That will allow your parents to call your grandmother using their computer and internet connection AND it will also allow your grandmother to call them using a local number. In effect they will have a US (i.e.Los Angeles) based number that you or any of their friends could also call.

    Pick one up at Staples, Radio Shack, Best Buy, Amazon and many other electronics retailers for about $40 which includes the first year of unlimited calling. Additional years are $20.


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  • Frank
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    9 years ago

    Personally, I will recommend an all hardware solution. However, for your parents in Kiev to call your grandmother in LA using a computer, and the telephone network will still require some set up. I am not sure if your parents will be able to (as it may only support US - US/CA calls), however they might be able to use Google Talk. In which case, they can use Google Talk through a Gmail interface, or download Google Talk on their PC, and download any plugins. They will need a Gmail account.

    The second option is to get a SIP option. Local Phone offers calling to the US for $0.009 (9/10th of a penny) to US/CA/UK calls. This will allow them to keep calls on their end cheap, and they can even get a US telephone number which will allow your grandparents to call them (at her rates).Your parents should be able to get an LA number for $3 setup, and $3/month at last time I used them. They do have a Windows software client that should just require logging in. They can use other SIP clients, but this will require setting up credentials.

    Personally, I will suggest a SIP phone as this will demand less on the computer, and if there is a wifi or wired network, it will work if there is something wrong with the PC. If your parents have an Android or iOS device, they can install a SIP client, and make the calls on the phone they are already used too.If you want a flat rate, the cheapest option (although will violate the TOS) is to set up a Google Voice account with a LA number, get TelTub ($60/year) and an ATA ($40) which will interconnect with the Google Voice account, and therefore outgoing calls will be free in the US/CA, and actually show a telephone number on your grandmother's CID. GV only offers Google Voice to US customers, so they may block foreign IP address. A second option will be Nettalk which is a hardware that will plug into a router, and works in most other ways like a Magic Jack.

    Your parents will need at least 128kbps both ways, and less than 100ms for SIP to work. Have them go to for verification.

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  • joe r
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    9 years ago

    the 3102 would work good... get a SIP provider, and a DID in the US, then connect your phone line to the 3102.. calls to the SIP line with the US DID would be able to access your dial tone and call out.., or you might be able to set all calls into the 3102 from SIP to hotdial a number of your choosing with your phone line..

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