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Where are there better chances to get your "big break" in acting? LA or New York?

Yes I do realize how HARD it's going to be and the amount of time and effort it's going to take. And not to mention the competition. So I wonder, where are there more chances of getting my "big break"? LA or NY? And also, I need an honest opinion from someone in the theatre/movie industry. I have the passion and talent (of course, I'm going to develop it more w/ schooling and experience), I have a professional mind, the voice, the determination. I'm insightful and intelligent; and attractive (I don't mean to sound arrogant) I plan to go to the AADA for the whole three years and I am more than willing to go to a thousand auditions if I have to. I obviously have doubted myself every now and then, but I jump right back to my passion for acting. It is the only thing I can sincerely love and dedicate myself to. Should I keep going or change my decision? (as painful as that might be)

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    Both. I know ppl who were from NY and went to LA to get more acting jobs and ppl from LA go to NY to get more acting jobs. It's very hard to say. I think more LA has the better chances, but as u know nothing is guaranteed. This is more of a 49/51 situation. There is no guaranteed calculation

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    I don't know the answer to your LA or NY question.. But I am here to answer your question within the question. DON'T change your decision, if you truly love to act, which it sounds like you do, Very much. It might seem hopeless now, but do every thing you can to make it happen. Go and audition any and every where possible. Yes, take classes, but being involved in theater plays and films, is very good experience as well. I have doubted myself as well, but like you said, I jump right back into my dream for becoming an actor. :)

    But also, you will want to have a Plan B.

    Like say, you're going to attend college and study drama, but also study something else, like business. Because there is always a chance you may not make it, as hard as it is to hear that, it's very true. Once you study that, you'll be able to get a job, whilst still attempting to make your acting dream a reality. You'll have to be able to afford to move to LA or NY first, you know? I wish you the best of luck.

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    In very general terms, LA is more of a TV and film kind of town. New York is the heart of theatre in America. But, both cross over a lot.

    Mostly, your decision on where to go depends on your own personal preferences and finances. Which city do you like more? Which one is going to be cheaper for you to get to/live in? Where do you know more people (who can potentially get you jobs)? You can be successful as an actor in either city, but you may not be happy in both.

    From personal experience I chose New York, mostly because I can't stand LA. Just hate it there. But I love living in Manhattan. But I have friends who can't understand my affair with NYC and are aghast when I compare LA to 1000 square miles of sepia-toned strip mall.

    You're clearly dedicated and on the right track. Keep doing what you're doing and you'll be fine where ever you end up.

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