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What is the address of the Department of Defense Under Secretary for Personnel and Readiness?

I am a disabled veteran, and I need to put in a request for exception to policy with the the Office of Under Secretary for Personnel and Readiness in conjunction with an appeal I have for retiree benefits with the Air Force. The problem is, I can't find an address for the P&R Office. Does anybody have an address? The only thing I could find is the address for the Pentagon, and I know this needs something more specific. Thank you for your time in advance.


I know how to use a search engine. I have found a plethora of websites, but none have a mailing address.

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    Address your package to:

    Under Secretary of Defense (Personnel and Readiness)

    The Pentagon

    Washington, DC 20050

    The only thing missing from the address is the room number for Mr. Clifford.

    All Pentagon mail is sent to a central mail clearing/inspection center. At that center, they will sort, x-ray, and electronically sniff all mail bound for the Pentagon to ensure it is safe for the receiving office to open. This is the same system used by the Congress and Whitehouse.

    The Center will put your package into the sorting slot for USD (P&R). It will then be delivered to Mr. Stanley's office where it will be opened by one of his staffers. The staffer will review the content and then forward it the Personnel Branch for appropriate action. That action will be to send your package to the Secretary of the Air Force office whose staff will forward it on to the Chief of Staff of the Air Force (the four star). The Chief of Staff will then forward it to the Air Force Manpower Division where it will be reviewed and an answer issued.

    The following is more info on how the so-called system works plus additional words of recommendation to you:

    After having worked within and for the Pentagon after my active duty retirement, I quickly learned that the Under Sec Defs do not make any decision without endorsements by the Services on military Service related issues such as yours. IF, and that is a big IF, the USD (P&R) is informed of your case by his staff (not likely), he can ask that a response be sent to him by the Service involved. Usually, his office will pass the action to the military Service itself for action to include a response to you. The USD's are small offices with limited support staff whose primary responsibilities are programs and budget oversight. There is rarely an action officer assigned to handle individual personnel issues such as yours. That is why they pass the action the Services.

    Retirement affairs normally apply to the military Service. The USD (P&R) usually follows whatever recommendation or decision that is made by the Service. In your case, hopefully, you have documentation that tells you to submit an appeal directly to P&R. If not, then you may get an answer that tells you to submit it to the Dept of Air Force - yes the bureauarchy does exist in the Pentagon.

    Another route to consider is to send the package to USD (P&R) via your Congressman's office. That office will put a cover letter on your package asking for a reply and status. Even though the package goes to the Air Force, the Congressman's office will receive a reply which will be forwarded to you. This reply will likely come from the Air Force with a copy to the USD (P&R).

    Re: going through a Congressman's office - the process should include you signing a letter that authorizes the Congressman's staff to act on your behalf. Be sure to contact the Congressman's office at least every two weeks to find out the status. If close enough, go there and ask to see the cover letter sent. Many Congressional staffers are poor organizers, but do keep files of each case such as yours they are involved with. Bug them as necessary. I know of cases in which the Congressional staffer said a letter or individual's package was sent, but actually was not. Most of time it was forgotten due to workload and oversight. To avoid being in this situation, bug them!

    Good luck and thank you for your Service

    PS: Depending on the issue, you may have to go to the Air Force Board for Correction Military Records assuming that there is some issue in your records that has denied you a retirement benefit that you feel that you rate. If this is the issue, still use the Congressman's office to submit and track the package through receipt of an answer. You will have to go the Air Force website for the Air Force Board for Correction of Military Records submission form (It is DD Form 149 - I did one for my brother who was in the Army during Vietnam). Recommend you get assistance from one of your State's Veteran Service Officer (not VA). Every US State has an office that has VSOs who are there to help that State's vets - folks such as yourself. Use them. VFW, AmLegion, AmVets, and DAV VSOs are focused on VA issues, but you might get lucky with one who has worked a couple of military record correction cases. It is those records that ALL personnel decisions about you is made. If there is an error and that error is what is causing you not getting your retirement benefits, it will have to be corrected before you will be successful.

    Lieutenant Colonel, US Marine Corps-Retired (16 years working for Pentagon after military retirement)

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