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What's your favorite professional sports team(s) for each sport you watch?

these are mine

NFL- Broncos

MLB- Giants, A's, Mariners

NHL- Sharks

NBA- Warriors

MLS- Sounders

if you watch other sports include those too!

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    MHL/MLS - something with a ETS at the end of it

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  • luth
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    3 years ago

    listed under are the main properly-known club team for those activities from a international perspective. CRICKET team: Sussex u . s .: England soccer team: Manchester United u . s .: England HOCKEY team: Toronto Maple Leafs u . s .: Canada BASKETBALL team: la Lakers u . s .: u . s . BASEBALL team: super apple Yankees u . s .: u . s . each and each of those international activities manufacturers are acknowledged world extensive and in Asia besides.

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