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Is the Industrial Revolution still going on?

If not, when did it end?

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    It changed the world so much that people called it a revolution. The Industrial Revolution forever transformed the way people live and work in most parts of the world.


    The Industrial Revolution began when power-driven machines started doing work that people had always done by hand. It started more than 250 years ago, in about 1750. The Industrial Revolution is still going on today in some parts of the world.

    Before the Industrial Revolution, most people lived by farming. There was little industry. Any manufacturing was done in homes or in small workshops close to home. People used craft skills, such as weaving or woodworking, to produce goods for their families or to sell in towns.

    The Industrial Revolution took production out of homes and workshops and into big factories, where machines did much of the work. People moved from the countryside into industrial cities, where they could work in the factories. New roads, canals, railroads, and steamships were built to carry factory-made goods and the raw materials to make them.

    So yes, it is

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    Many of the nations that already industrialized, since the first Industrial revolution are first world nations. These nations included USA,Germany,England,France,Japan, and Canada. But it doesn't mean nations are no longer industrializing, Nations like India and China are still in the processes of being Industrialized soon they will become first world nations like the current nation. China and India look like what the US and Europe did in the late 1800s when they were industrializing. Mexico and South Korea are considered newly industrialized nations South Korea already has first world status, Mexico is quickly heading that way and many of Mexico's major cities already have first world status. Nations like Nigeria and El Salvador are just starting to industrialized they have a long way but they are trying.

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  • Joop
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    Each country has its own industrial revolution, The UK and US have all long since passed in the 1900's

    I would argue that developing nations are experiencing their own industrial revolution right now, China is probably in the latter stages of it, along with India.

    The revolution we are now experiencing in the western world (and also in India and perhaps the Baltic states) is really a technological revolution.

    An explosion of software development, computing industries and services all contributing to GDP

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    I am guessing you mean North America. We are considered post-Industrial Revolution, and as to when this period began, remains somewhat in debate by many. The best answer would likely be when globalization took hold and industries left North America for the far east, drastically reducing the industrial productivity of America. The mid-1980s to the early 1990s is a fair range. NAFTA etched it into stone, so to speak.

    Hope this is at least a partial answer.

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  • Ryan
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    9 years ago

    America's has long since past. (ended in the 70's or so.) Now it's India's

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