autism risperdal 0.5?

Hi, I have a 6 year old son who has autism and adhd. He cannot speak. And every specail school he seems to go to at first they seem so happy but then they pretty much give up on him. And I am even talking about the good schools. He is very very autistic.

We went to a new doctor who is said to be good. Before he was on Cloridine. This doctor prescribed. Risperdal .05 mg. He also tried another drug before but it made him worse. Now I look up Risperdal on the computer and all I read is bad stuff. Does anyone have any experience with this drug? We love our son so much but it hurts so much. We see other autistic children who get better or a little better, but our son is not getting better but worse with behavior problems too. I see some people who say I cannot handle their children. And I look and see ok the kid just needs attention. But in my situation we the parents try alot alot and have patience. I dont know what to do. Christopher gets alot of help and you can see that alot of them give up on him. But I refuse to give up my son.

Sorry just blowing off steam...

Can someone tell me expience with risperdal 0.5 mg. I mean is it that bad? Doesnt every drug have bad side effects?

Thank you in advance and please no bad posts on me being a bad parent. Both parents work with our son every day and never give up on him.

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    My kids are high functioning and I have people tell me their autism is the result of bad parenting too. I think the Risperdal is worth trying. Just watch out for negative side effects and work with your doctor to take him off if it isn't working. Not all meds work the same way for each person.

    My eldest has HFA/AS, BiPolar2, ADHD, and some learning disabilities. He needs a lot of help too, but he is verbal and does well on some academics with accommodations. He has a one on one parapro at school and a very good program coordinator who's extremely creative and attentive.

    Our experiences with medication have been dramatic. My eldest son had a horrific reaction to Daytrana (a patch with the same meds as Adderall). He went completely non verbal, violent and psychotic. His next younger brother, Asperger's and ADHD, has had miraculous results with Adderall and no negative side effects. My youngest had a horrible reaction to Zoloft that his pediatrician prescribed (inappropriately. she thought his digestive problems were in his head and they are not). Other children I know have had great results with Zoloft.

    At one point we had to change middle son to Vyvanase, and the results were mediocre. It was a huge relief when we could get Adderall again. We tried Focalin too and it didn't work well. My eldest did very well on Focalin until his BiPolar got worse and he became unable to take stimulants. We have to be very careful to limit even his caffeine intake.

    We even tried the no GFCF and nothing artificial diet. It did help middle son get better control over his digestion, but that's it. Now we're back to eating our usual way.

    Having a very regular routine, eating and sleeping at the same times and so on helps both my boys in the Spectrum, but you probably already do that. You sound like great parents. Keep advocating for your child and trying different therapies. Get some respite care if you can. There are some great programs where people will come in to help so you can go out for a date once a month or week. . You need to do that to recharge your batteries and be your best. Take good care of yourselves, and don't feel guilty for it. Your son needs you to do it. I know how easy it is to neglect yourselves when you have a child with intense needs, don't do it. You need all your wits and health about you.

    You'll probably find things that help, but even if you don't you can sleep at night knowing you've done your best.

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    Risperdal can be a wonderful medication. Autism is very broad, and their aren't meds for it per se. I've seen good results w/ vyvanse. I was skeptical, but my son has done beautiful w/ zoloft.

    No matter where a person is on the autistic spectrum, skills can be learned. Your son has yet to reach his highest potential. Keep looking for good therapists/educators who want to reach him.

    I've done a lot of interventions for my son. By far, what helped the most was a homeopath. I got his name from another parent whose son was severely afflicted by autism. He would be considered high functioning today. My son was also moderate when he first saw Greg. He's so so much better its unbelieveable. IT is expensive, I spent 3000 in 1 yr. But my kid started talking, stopped getting sick, began to learn, he really really came out of it a lot. He went from a self-contained autistic low functioning classroom to regular ed setting.

    go under autism, go under contact

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