What is a seam allowance?

Can Someone help me understand Butterick Pattern 4087(A) or just this sewing term?

So I am creating an apron with the Butterick vintage apron patterns. Its only five pieces minus the bias tape for edges. I have cut everything out and am now putting everything together. I am stuck at this sentence:

"Turn in seam allowance on unmarked edge of WAISTBAND 4 (piece 4); press.

What does this sentence mean?Does press mean iron? The drawing is really confusing because the waistband look backwards. Here is a finished picture of the apron:


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  • Jan409
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    9 years ago
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    a seam allowance is usually 5/8'' and marked in bold on the pattern

    press can me iron, bit can also mean - press down

    sorry its a bit difficult to put into words, wish I couldjust show you what to do

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