What is a seam allowance? Can Someone help me understand Butterick Pattern 4087(A) or just this sewing term?

So I am creating an apron with the Butterick vintage apron patterns. Its only five pieces minus the bias tape for edges. I have cut everything out and am now putting everything together. I am stuck at this sentence:

"Turn in seam allowance on unmarked edge of WAISTBAND 4 (piece 4); press.

What does this sentence mean?Does press mean iron? The drawing is really confusing because the waistband look backwards. Here is a picture of the apron: http://butterick.mccall.com/filebin/images/product...

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  • 9 years ago
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    Yes, press means iron.

    Seam allowance: okay, you know how when you are sewing two pieces of fabric together, you sew a little bit in from the edge of the fabric? The fabric between the edge and where the stitching goes is the seam allowance. Things might look backwards on the pattern because it will be showing "right" and "wrong" sides of the fabric, the right side being the one you want to look at on the finished garment. The seam allowance they are wanting you to fold and press will probably(I say probably because I can't see your pattern) be folded while the fabric is wrong side up and you will fold the edge so that a little bit of the right side faces upwards along the seam allowance. So check carefully which side of the fabric they're showing in the instructions.

    If you google "seam allowance", wikipedia has an article with a picture.

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