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Which Party Supported Civil Rights?

FDR (democrat)vowed to never be photographed with an African American

FDR nominated Hugo Black to the Supreme Court who was KKK and prevent anti-lynching legislation in Congress

Harry Truman(democrat)Misouri KKK

Richard Byrd(democrat)West Virginia KKK

George Wallace(democrat)stood in the way of intergration in Alabama

Abraham Lincoln(1st republican as president)Ended slavery

Dwight Eisenhowser(republican)started intergration

Civil Rights Act-Republicans voted overwhelmly for Civil Rights while Southern Democrats voted againist it.

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    Democrats and Republicans are the same. Behind close doors Dems and Reps are always in agreement. To the rest of the world, they act like they are against each other. This creates the illusion there are more than one side of ever issue. In reality, they are the same thing.

    The Central Government, run by bureaucratic servants called Democrats and Republicans, know that there is a 11% approval rate of the government by the US citizens. This is unacceptable to the Dems and Reps. They need away to show there power. So creating a fear atmosphere, will get the citizens attention. This will also let them portray they are doing something for the citizens that cannot be done without the government. I't is a forced recognition of power in all its tyranny.

    One of the rules of war when facing a stronger enemy is to divide and conquer, rather then to attack your enemies force as a whole. Knowing that citizens and there constitutional freedoms/rights are a thee governments greatest enemy, creating a diversionary tactic such as Republican and Democrat would divide the governments enemies "citizens + constitutional freedoms/rights" Once divided, the enemy is far easier to conquer. In this case, when we are divided, the Central Government can take away freedoms/rights, and implement tyrannous laws a lot easier than if we were united.

    Vote for ANYONE else besides Democrats or Republicans. I't can be anyone ranging from a third party candidate to Mickey Mouse. Just don't vote for Democrats or Republicans. They were bought and paid for a long time ago by bureaucrats. When Dems or Reps are elected, they serve the interests of transnational corporations that paid for them to get elected, not the citizens. I't is the greatest acting out of a "good cop bad cop" scenario in history. Just remember. The Tea Party is the Republican Party.

    "I'f your a multi-billion dollar transnational corporation and you pay for, 1 President + 435 Congressmen + 100 Senators + 9 Supreme Court Justices, then you have total power over 350,000,000+ citizens and all there resources."

    I'f you don't agree with any of this, you believe exactly what they wan't you to believe.

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    Actually, you have false assumptions about Abe Lincoln. He owned slaves too. The entire civil war was not over slavery. It was about states' rights and for the north to get control over the south. If you are truly unbiased, you will see that what the North did in invading the south was extremely unconstitutional and their war crimes are no less evil. The only reason Abraham freed slaves, was to cripple the South's economy. Now, I'm not saying that slavery in any way is good, but I do know that Abraham's intentions were no where close to 'good.' It's really hard to find a true account of the civil war these days.

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    Republicans were always on the side of civil rights.

    Barry Goldwater is considered to be the Father of the Modern Day Conservative Movement. He opposed the 1960's civil rights bill because of Affirmative Action.

    Democrats history:

    Created Welfare which is perpetual slavery in order to buy votes

    Started the KKK

    Woodrow Wilson segregated an already integrated military.

    Robert Byrd was a KKK leader and tried to filibuster the civil rights act

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    the place did you get this records from? i do no longer think of that's good. Sen. Strom Thurmond replaced right into a segregationist Democrat (He and others that did this stated as themselves "Dixiecrat's".) who switched to the Republican social gathering via Civil Rights Act. It would not make experience that he could swap to a social gathering that replaced into in want for the act that he replaced into so against in this variety of in depth disparaging extensive variety than the social gathering he replaced into already a member of.

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    And Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican. The Civil Rights bills actually create racial disparties against blacks. Thats what happens when the government tries to involve itself in anything.

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    You conveniently overlook the "Dixiecrats" who abandoned the Democratic Party and eventually became Republicans over resistance to Civil Rights.

    The parties of today are not like the parties of 40, 50, 60, 70, or 80 years ago. It's foolish to think of inherently changeable parties as static.

    It's really interesting that you had to phrase your question in the past tense. Which party supportED... rather than which party SUPPORTS.

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    The Democratic Party did - in the 1960s.

    Which is why so many southern democrats switched parties to the Repugs.

    Which makes your post irrelevant - because the character of the two parties has changed dramatically over the last few decades.

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    And in middle school history you will learn that our parties switched places--with Republicans and Dixiecrats joining forces against civil rights and Democrats championing them.

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    If you are saying the republicans of today are anything like Eisenhower and Lincoln then you need to have your head examined by a professional immediately.

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