Name ten children with my favourite names (+BQs)?

You can choose the genders, but please don't make your list all boys or all girls. And also, please don't switch the genders around - names from the boy's list must be used for a boy and vice versa :P

Boys names -

Oliver, Wyatt, Felix, Oscar, Tobias, Alexander, Jack, Arthur, Elias, Sebastian, James, Cassius, Robin, Alistair, Christopher, Noah, Peter, Edwin, Gideon, Harvey, Elijah, Lucas, William, Frank, Isaiah

Girls names -

Lyra, Ava, Adelaide, Nora, Elizabeth, Ophelia, Olive, Meredith, Petra, Arcadia, Carrie, Dawn, Erin, Felicity, Rose, Hannah, Isla, Katherine, Ramona, Stella, Valerie, Matilda, Zoe, Daphne

Please don't change the spellings UNLESS there's a widely used alternative that you like more (e.g. Catherine instead of Katherine).

BQ1: Do you like my favourite names, in general?

BQ2: What's your top 3 for each gender? Middle names too please.

Thanks (:

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  • 9 years ago
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    Oliver Lucas

    Oscar Frank

    William Tobias

    Alexander Peter

    Sebastian James

    Felicity Nora

    Katherine Lyra

    Ramona Erin

    Elizabeth Matilda

    Meredith Ava

    BQ: I love your names :) A lot of these are on my favourite list (Oliver, Oscar, Tobias, Alexander, Sebastian, James, Christopher, Peter, Lucas, William, Elizabeth, Meredith, Erin, Felicity, Katherine, Ramona, and Matilda)

    BQ2: Out of yours...

    1. William James/Meredith Erin

    2. Oliver Sebastian/Felicity Rose

    3. Alexander Oscar/ Katherine Matilda

    Out of all names...

    1. William James/Lucy Jessica

    2. Harry Matthew/Anna Meredith

    3. Oliver George/Felicity Amelia

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  • 9 years ago


    1. Zoe (Zooey) Petra

    2. Isla Katherine

    3. Ava Dawn

    4. Valeria Olive

    5, Erin Carrie

    6. Adelaide Lyra

    7. Daphne Ramona

    8. Felicity Nora

    9. Arcadia Rose

    10. Ophelia Rose


    1. Oliver Wyatt

    2. Alexander Gideon

    3. Elijah Lucas

    4. William Cassius

    5. Tobias Harvey

    6. Sebastian Lucas

    7. Ediwn Peter

    8. James Frank

    9. Felix Tobias

    10. Christopher Noah

    BQ #1 Yeah, Some I like, others I don't


    1. Helena Delilah

    2. Sadie Nicole

    3. Aria Solaine


    1. Declan Blair

    2. Jace Tobias

    3. Aiden Zion

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  • Oliver Peter

    Alexander Edwin

    Noah Christopher

    Lucas Elijah

    Isaiah Jack

    William Oscar

    Catherine Meredith

    Valerie Dawn

    Ava Elizabeth

    Isla Ramona

    BQ1: Yes! Love them!

    BQ2: Lucas Alexander, Noah Christopher & William Oscar

    Catherine Meredith, Ava Elizabeth, Valerie Dawn

    Source(s): Vote on my favorite names?
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  • 5 years ago

    Elijah Gideon

    Lucas Jack

    Oscar Tobias

    Sebastian James

    Harvey Noah

    Matilda Rose

    Erin Adelaide

    Nora Katherine

    Ava Valerie

    Dawn Meredith

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  • 9 years ago

    Oliver Wyatt

    Sebastian James

    Lucas Elijah

    Noah Alexander

    Christopher Isaiah

    Stella Rose

    Isla Meredith

    Hannah Elizabeth

    Zoey Dawn

    Felecity Catherine

    BQ1; The only names I like are the ones I used. I love Isaiah, Lucas, Elijah, Noah, Isla & Stella.


    Boy - Elijah Lucas, Christopher Isaiah, & Noah Alexander

    Girl - Stella Rose, Zoey Dawn, & Isla Meredith

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  • 9 years ago

    Christopher Alexander

    Isaiah Harvey

    Noah James

    James Oliver

    Alexander Elijah

    Hannah Rose

    Felicity Katherine

    Meredith Ava

    Kerri Dawn

    Katherine Ophelia

    BQ1: Yes, they are okay.

    BQ2: top 3 girls names:

    Rose Ophelia

    Nora Elizabeth

    Meredith Dawn

    Top 3 boys names:

    Isaiah Peter

    Christopher Alexander

    Lucas William

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Edwin Isaiah

    Oliver Harvey

    James Cassius

    Gideon Peter

    Tobias Elijah

    Matilda Felicity

    Ophelia Dawn

    Stella Meredith

    Isla Catherine

    Daphne Ramona

    BQ1: I love pretty much ALL of your names. Very old fashioned, yet whimsical! The only ones I'm not fond of are Felix (GP though!), Ava (too popular nowadays), Zoe and Erin. The rest I like/love. Most are on my own list.

    BQ2: Do you mean from my list or yours?

    From mine:

    ◘ Esmé Charlotte, Lucille Margot, and Cecilia Ruth.

    ◘ Oliver Henry, James Theodore and Emmett Isaiah.


    ◘ Ophelia Dawn, Isla Catherine and Stella Meredith.

    ◘ Edwin Isaiah, James Cassius and Tobias Elijah.


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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago


    1. Elijah Harvey

    2. Alistair James

    3. Gideon Lucas

    4. Tobias Edwin

    5. Christopher Wyatt


    1. Meredith Rose

    2. Felicity Dawn

    3. Ramona Valerie

    4. Lyra Elizabeth

    5. Daphne Stella

    I like them :)

    Top 3:

    Boy: Christopher Wyatt, Elijah Harvey, & Alistair James (I really like Cassius too, but I can't think of a middle name that sounds good)

    Girl: Felicity Dawn, Lyra Elizabeth, and Meredith Rose

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  • 9 years ago

    Oliver Sebastian "Ollie"

    Wyatt Christopher

    Lucas Gideon

    William Arthur "Liam"

    Harvey Alexander

    Ava Dawn

    Zoey Meredith

    Stella Felicity

    Valerie Rose

    Daphne Matilda

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  • 9 years ago

    Oliver Isaiah

    Wyatt Alexander

    Elias William

    Jack Tobias

    Noah Cassius

    Ramona Dawn

    Adelaide Matilda

    Stella Meredith

    Elisabeth Lyra

    Isla Felicity

    Olly, Wyatt, Eli, Jack, Noah, Mona, Ada, Stella, Libby, & Isla

    I consider Elizabeth and Elisabeth widely known as alternative spellings. I prefer Elisabeth because I find it softer.


    Your boys names, I ADORE. Oliver, Wyatt, Felix, Tobias, Alexander, Jack, Elias, Sebastian, Cassius, Noah, Edwin, Elijah, Lucas, and Isaiah have all been, or are at the moment, on my favorite names list! We must have a very similar taste in boy names (: Your girls names are very pretty, but I prefer more heard of, but under-used names (Lucy, Jade, Anna, Adriana, Eva, Maci, Violet). I do love Adelaide, Lyra, Elisabeth, Olive (GP), Isla, Katherine, Ramona, & Stella though (: pretty names!


    Lucy Katherine

    Jade Adriana

    Gabriella Maci "Ella"

    Spencer Lucas

    Cameron Levi

    Nicholas Brody (middle name still in progress...any suggestions?)

    --tori paige

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